Friday, March 12, 2010

Pre Ride

Just got back from our pre race ride. What a fiasco it is riding around here. Lights, cars, scooters, and monkeys everywhere. We did find a nice little hill to ride up, around, over, and even Birdmans way, through a tunnel. There was a school up there and some military base that we kept ended up at with gates blocking the road and guard men carrying large flashlights. The view would have been spectacular if it wasn't for all the smog in the air. That also made breathing a bit tougher. Good news is that everyone seems to be good after the flight and little frisky. It's going to be a fun 7 days.

Check out the not so clean air hovering.

One of the many monuments/stations on the hill.

It's pretty warm over here right now. Good thing there was the shop with some water. It made for a good little break.

The local bike shop

Last one for this post. Can anyone tell me something very interesting about these bikes? Look at them close. I know they are the same type, color, and such. Maybe the first to post will get a set of free Kenda socks.

Almost forgot. Here is one of the many monkeys.

Breeze On


pgr said...

All the same size! I win!

Breezer said...

you win! don't you think it's strange that 5 bikes are not only the same size, but the saddle height is identical. i've never seen a team all the same size.

pgr said...

Because I am family am I disqualified? You didn't state anything in the rules. Maybe it is one guys race bike and a few spares!

Anonymous said...


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Will Swan said...

I'm tuning in late but was going to guess "same frame size." And all small... That would be handy for the mechanics, not so many spares to prepare. You could put them all on the roof and still fit in the drive through.

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