Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quick Update

I'm pretty tired after today's stage and don't have much energy to write a blog, but here's a quick low down.

Today was a 135km stage and we started at 1pm. It was sunny and 90 degrees. Right when the flag drop the race was full on from start to finish. We did are best covering as many moves as possible.

With under 60km's to go a bigger group had a gap and a Polish team lit it up to bring it back. They put it in the gutter and motored at over 50kmh and brought it back quickly. From there Phil attacked at the right time and got away in a small group. Then some more guys went and I followed. I kept picking the wrong moves and ended up chasing a bigger group with one other guy for the last 15km's. It hurt. It was slightly uphill and into a head wind. I was pretty blown from the heat and earlier moves. Just didn't have quite enough or follow the right guys.

Phil blasted it though and finished 3rd on the day. It was an incredible ride. The rest of the groups were all over the place on the road.

Tomorrow's stage is 130km's again, but hopefully it simmers down a bit. Today was quite the way to start the season and open up the legs. Ouch.

6 more days to get it done.

Breeze On