Monday, March 15, 2010

Stage 2

Stage 2 is in the books. Not really an overly exciting stage as a break of 4 went early and with no GC threat, Asia Giant (team with leader) took to the front and kept the break close. They held it at a gap of 60-90 seconds. From there we just kept our man Phil out of trouble.

It was a bit windy today and every so often teams would come to the front and you would think that they were going to blast it in the gutter, but it never unfolded. There were a few touchy moments when everyone would notice that and think the same thing and it would be a mad dash to get everyone to the front.

The break was finally realled back in on the second of three 9km closing circuits. From there it was just fast, followed by attack, and such. Unfortunately we didn't get things together well enough and couldn't pull out the win, but we have a few more chances to get it together. The good news though is that Phil moved up into 2nd overall.

After each stage we have a bus transfer to the next start town. Today's was a fiasco. First of all we're pretty quick to get to the bus and get change. Today we ended up sitting on the bus ready to go for a good hour. Then when everyone finally got on it and the race was ready to head out the caravan vehicles had to stop for gas. So a stop for everyone to fill up, then we headed out. It was a good 1.5hr drive. So by the time we finished the race till we got in our hotel rooms was a solid 3hrs. At least we weren't in our chamois that long, like a few others.

On tap for tomorrow is another 135km. It has a KOM in the first 14km and there is a kicker with 800meters to go. Hopefully we get a good plan and can execute it tomorrow.

Breeze On