Sunday, April 25, 2010

Better: Racing or Training in Rain?

After doing a race in the rain this past weekend, my teammates racing in the rain last night, and training in the rain today I've come up with an interested questions that has received a split decision so far. What's a better option: Racing in the rain or training in the rain? I've actually considered going racing before if I knew it was going to rain just because I knew it would be very difficult to get out the door.

Each one has pros and cons and I thought I would share some ideas I had. Maybe you could share some of yours. Maybe we can even come up with an answer. Maybe all this is just a way for myself to pass some time.

Racing In The Rain

1. You're going to ride/race no matter what. You've registered, payed, travel, and most likely at this point there is no turning back.

2. For us big hot shot pros (sarcasm) we have a mechanic and a race bike, which means most likely the equipment will be cleaned and taken care of.

3. Warmth. If it's a race and you're racing the whole time most likely you will be warm as you are working hard.

1. Crashing. Very sadly I hate to report that we lost a captain last night in a crash in the rain with a broken collarbone. Sundt will come back, he will come back strong, but he will be missed over the next few weeks. The chances of crashes always increase.

2. Broken equipment. Not everyone gets free stuff, and even some that get free stuff don't have the funds to replace things when they break in crashes.

3. Rarely do I dress appropriate. You always know what you want to wear and should wear, but as race time approaches and time to get out of the warm vehicle every idea you had gets throw out the window as you start adding unneeded clothes.

4. Warmth. As it is a race it can be great because of the effort, but if it is a road race chances our over the course of a 100 mile race there maybe a lull or two where you maybe a little chilled.

5. Spray in the face. If you're in a group you will get sprayed in the face with water, grit, mud, and anything else on the road.

Training In the Rain

1. Clothes. You can over dress and it's not a big deal. You can pile the clothes on, and be plenty warm most of the time.

2. Alone. If you're alone that means no spray in the face from other riders wheels.

3.Finishing. You can always cut the ride short. Not only that, but when you finish you're only seconds away from the shower and warm clothes.

1. Bike/Equipment. Things get ruined in the rain. They get wet and dirty and there is only one person who will take care of that for you, and thats yourself.

2. Motivation. The motivation to get out in the rain and train is difficult. It isn't nearly as bad to start in the dry and have it start raining, but to start in a downpour is hard.

Even though the number of pros and cons maybe different, each one isn't created equal. If I where to use a scale certain pros or cons would out weight others. Next step would be to assign a weight or some type of percentage. I don't have that kind of time or care enough to figure it out. For now I will just go with the flow and do what I have to do. Although I'm pretty sure if I wasn't racing for a living or looking to move up in the sport I wouldn't do either in the rain. That goes for riding in under 30 degrees and riding more then 1hr inside.

Breeze On