Friday, May 21, 2010



Have you ever dreamed of racing for a top U.S. team or under an American Cycling Icon, such as Frankie Andreu, 9-time Tour de France finisher? If so, this competition is for you, and it is open to EVERYONE, regardless of skill level or racing category.

Strava and Inferno Racing LLC partner to bring the world the first ever internet, GPS based competition, where the reward is a real spot on a real team. It is simple, fun and totally affordable. No resumes, inside contacts, race attendance or cover letters are needed. You just ride, upload at and the people at Strava, CTS and Inferno Racing will do the rest. One lucky person will win a coveted and sought after position on one of the U.S.’s top UCI registered teams, and will receive all of the perks that goes with that position!

It is for EVERYONE and it is GLOBAL. This means you can be a current pro, an elite racer wanting to be a pro, a beginner wanting to learn the ropes or a youngster wanting to learn from Frankie and the team. All you need is a GPS device compatible with Strava (Garmin – Edge or Forerunner, iPhone or Android and even other “Smart” phones) and a membership to and the KPC Competition. The KPC competition entry fee is only $70.00 USD and includes a one-year premium Strava subscription. Those already subscribed to Strava can join the competition for a reduced entry fee of $40.00 USD.

The competition begins on June 1, 2010 and runs through September 30, 2010. You can join at any time between June 1, and September 1, 2010, as the monthly winners will be placed in the possible candidate pool. Those that join earlier will have more chances and opportunities to grab a categorized win. Each month will have a new “Leader Board” with competitions such as, but not limited to Overall Leader, Best Climb, Time Trial, and Most Improved. The top 3 persons from each category each month will go to CTS’s (Carmichael Training Systems) team for evaluation of files and rides that were uploaded during the competition period. That is up to 18 shots each month to get into the final selection pool. It could take only one ride to stand out! You start getting ranked the minute you join and upload your first ride to Strava.

KPC train
Be a part of our winning team in 2011!

At the conclusion of the competition, CTS coaches will submit the top three (3) in each category posted in each month of the competition to a panel including Frankie Andreu, members of Inferno Racing (management company operating team) and a randomly selected U.S. cyclist to chose the lucky winner, to be announced November 14, 2010 (UCI contracts are due on November 15, 2010).

“This is a real spot on our team.” states owner and founder of Inferno Racing, Chad Thompson. “If you are an elite or pro rider, you will get a 1 year contract on our 2011 UCI Continental Team. If you are not eligible to be a pro, you will still get a spot as a development rider and get all of the same equipment, coaching, support and mentoring that all of our athletes get. And, it is all yours to keep after the year is up.”

Frankie Andreu says “This is such a cool idea and concept. We do not have to sift through contracts, take a million phone calls or hunt for riders good enough to be here. The data from Strava will tell us who we take, and it is so fun to compete on Strava. It makes everyday a motivated and fun filled ride day!”
Michael Horvath, co-founder and CEO of Strava tells this “We are blown away by the great idea that came from the Inferno Racing team. This is truly revolutionary and the first competition ever of this kind. Anyone who joins is becoming a part of cycling history and could earn a spot on one of America’s best and fastest growing teams.”

Receive the tools to win in any situation.

Where does the money you spend on the competition go? All proceeds go to the team’s chosen charity and operating costs raise donor awareness for Children’s Hospitals and TX Tough. Once you join, you will also receive a one-year premium subscription to Strava, where you can upload ride data and compete on their public forum, as well as join many of their other free and pay-to-play events. It is truly revolutionary!

Rules and admission will open and become available on June 1, 2010 at 06:00 AM EST and be open through September 30, 2010. You can visit or for more information, following the same time lines as the competition.
You will never get a simpler and cheaper opportunity to be a part of a team of this caliber, nor have the chance to be a part of history in the making with such a unique concept and competition. What are you waiting for? Get a GPS device and join now at!

About Strava: Strava is a website for avid cyclists where you can upload your GPS ride data to compare and compete with friends and rivals. Strava’s many unique features are built for cyclists including automatic climb identification and categorization, virtual climb competitions, and member-created on-line races. It makes your riding a social web experience. Learn more at

Good Luck and hopefully you don't take my spot!

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Bike racing in America is basically as relative as how often my daughter wets her diaper, and that has never been more apparent then now.

The big news going around the internet and on tv has been on the Floyd Landis issue. I'm sure most, if not all of you know what I'm talking about. I am not going to say anything about him, or what he is saying because personally I don't know him or about anything he is saying. All I will say is that it frustrates me and makes me sad that there are riders out there that have, do and will look to take illegal advantages, especailly when I have to race against them. But at the same time I am very happy to know of, race with and against many who do nothing of the sorts.

So currently we have wo big stage races going on in the world. The Giro (1 of 3 grand tours) and the Tour of California (the biggest stage race in the US) but the only time and subject ESPN will talk about is the Landis/Lance issue. Lance is even participating in the race, or at least was. They even have a press conference at the race, but do they mention the race even once, who's winning, how Lance is doing, his team or anything, nope. I do take that back, they showed a crash, Lance bleeding, and him getting in the car. Yet not one mention of who won, winning or video of finish. Not to mention they constantly talk about how performance enhancing drugs are such a huge issue in cycling making it very dirty. Of course nobody does those things in the ball sports. Riiiiight.

Speaking of finishes. We are lucky to have The Tour of California aired live on VS. Still wish we were racing it, but this will do till next time. Thank you VS for stepping up to the plate, but then completely blowing it and showing us once again how cycling means nothing to another station. The race is less then 2km from the finish, the schedule air time is coming to a close and the pregame for the hockey game is about to start. What to do? Well you have arguable the least popular main stream sport's pregame coming up or a finish to a race that has been on for 2hrs. VS made the decision to pull the plug on the race with 1.5km's to go to get the full 20min of pregame talk in.

Sorry for the ranting. I normally don't like to do it, but I'm so passionate about cycling and it hurts to see it being treated like garbage. Please if you don't care about cycling 99% of the year, just don't talk about it at all. If you don't care who's winning races, why do you care who's or who's not cheating? Talk about 1 of the 4000 baseball games a year.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Not much to write home about this week. I've just had a bit of down time after two weeks of stage racing. Now it's back to work this week as I prepare for Philly, Airforce/Clarendon, and Nature Valley. So another hard block of racing, but first a hard block of training.

Included in that will be the Tour de Frankenmuth and a new event the Grand Fondo the following day. If you're in the area you should not only do the race, but also the ride. It's going to be a long, wide open, wind swept 130 miles. Also going to be at the event will be my bosses in team owner Chad Thompson and director Frankie Andreu.

So I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I haven't really been raking in the results lately. Hopefully things will change over the next few weeks. I would also love to help set up one of teammates to get the big win that seems so close, but is taking longer to get then I thought it would. We have a strong team and a couple of strong finishers we just need to position them a bit better so they can land consistently on the podium. We have a lot of chances over the next month and a half, and then the rest of the season.

How bout the Giro this year? Exciting, grueling, wet, and anything could happen. I can't really say much other then that because I'm not there, and can't even imagine what it must be like in that peloton. Those are some tough dudes. I've enjoyed my mornings watching it.

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Joe Martin Final

Today was the criterium at Joe Martin. It continued to live up to it's name as one of the toughest crits of the year. For some reason they made it even harder and dangerous by adding a few corners, taking the total up to 12, and having a corner that took many riders out. So many riders went down in the same corner that there were skid marks all over the road and unfortunately a few riders were seriously hurt.

The crashes in the first few laps made me a bit nervous and I ended up loosing a few positions. I ended up getting more comfortable as the laps went by and the crashes, at least in front of me went away. The break went early and a few riders tried desperately to bridge as Jamis set tempo and kept it within 25 seconds.

Things began to heat up in the last 5 laps like usual and with 2 laps to go what was left of the field started to break apart. I was in decent position, but in the last lap got caught up behind a crash and lost some time. Luca was positioned great as usual and finished strong in 5th place. My little mistake cost me roughly 10 spots on GC, not that it really mattered. Come to find out as I slowed downed I could hear my break rubbing on my wheel. At some point in the race I hit something, or someone hit me because it was way out of whack. That wasn't helping me feel good.

To add to the misery were the guys who acted like dick heads for no reason. As the race got harder the number of riders acting like this increased. I just started to laugh about it.

Photo Credit once again to Will Swan. He took fabulous care of all the equipment this week. The bikes where clean and everything ran smoothly. My dad took care of the DSing and Sougnieur duties and did a great job. Nobody missed start times, there was plenty of bottles, and the car was there for us when needed in the caravan.

Another shot out has to be giving to my alma-matter Marian who just won collegiate road nationals for the first time by winning both the men and womens TTT. Our boy Rob Bush also took out the Men's Omnium title. Can't wait to race with him the rest of the season. Of course he should thank me for all those training rides we did together. Just kidding. Nice work guys and girls.

Next up a few local races and then another blog of some big races for the Kenda Team including Philly, Nature Valley, and Fitchburg.

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Two Road Races

We have completed the two road stages at Joe Martin. Yesterday was a very aggressive stage. I and two teammates where making sure to covering every move. We did this for 60km before a split in the peloton happened and we were in a group of 40 off the front. From there a group of 15 formed after a few attacks went away and we had representation with Waite and Stemper.

The field tried chasing, but couldn't catch the Jamis/Bissell train that were motoring in the break. Waite and Stemper both finished in the top 10. I came in with the field which came back together.

Today's stage was a bit more relaxed and unfortunately we missed the break after trying to make it. Luckily a few other bigger teams as well missed it and like every year it came together for a field sprint. Luca just missed the podium yet again and finished 4th. It was a fairly scary fast downhill sprint.

Here's some photos.

Taking off in the TT

Pre race meeting before stage 1

Photo credit: Will Swan

The bikes next to the van. Black and White and Red.

Photo Credit: Will Swan

My dad who is the stand in director standing next to the bikes

Photo Credit: Will Swan

Luca coming back after a mechanical. I had one today and did something similar. Coming through the caravan is rather fun.

Photo Credit: Will Swan

Our stand in mechanic for the week Will Swan sitting in the back of the car with wheels in had ready to go for a quick change.

Photo Credit: Will Swan. He likes to take photos of himself with his timer. He had plenty. Check them out on his blog.

Tomorrow is the criterium. 90 more minutes of hard core racing. It will make 9 races in 12 days. Awesome. Can't wait to race, but also can't wait to be home for a while.

It's been said, and lots of people know, but I have to mention again Congrats to my friend and former teammate Brent Bookwalter on finish 2nd in the Giro Prologue. An outstanding ride, by a great guy. He'll be right up there I'm sure helping Cadel the rest of the Tour.

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Joe Martin

Did the prologue at Joe Martin today. Still haven't quite figured this one out. I think it would be a good one for me, but I have yet to have a great placing. I keep improving however which is a good thing. Finished 12 seconds faster then last year, and in 20th place, which is my best for this race. Although there was a tailwind, which normally there is not.

Pretty different racing in the heat, humidity, and comforts of high oxygen levels, compared to last week at the Gila. Staying in a home as opposed to a gym is also quite different. Would have ample time today for a few rounds of horse.

Tomorrow is long day at 177km's. We are looking to be aggressive and if things come down to a field sprint we have a guy that can do pretty well.

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Gila Monster

This picture pretty much sums up the week. A little slow on a climb, positioned to far back, no TT bike, caught short with 7 to go, and down and out with 102 miles to go describes the 5 stages.

It really wasn't that bad, but I'm really only interested in winning and or getting someone on the team to win. We had a few miscues, but through it all we fought hard and didn't ever give up. On to more races this weekend in Arkansas at Joe Martin. Most of the same guys from Gila are heading to Joe Martin plus the addition of Hartley and Luca from Speedweek, so some heavy hitters.

Flight to New Mexico. Nick and I had a sweet exit row with nobody between us and plenty of leg room. This would be the most comfortable I was all week.

The bikes already to go.

Riding to stage 1.

Our sweet accomidations in the church's gym. Air mattresses, tables, and a basketball hoop for afternoon games. Everyone did the first night on a cot. After that it was all about finding padding, air mattress or whatever you could get your hands on to make sleeping better. I ended up with the air mattress with leak so by half way through the night it was like a water bed, and closer to morning I was basically sleeping on the gym floor.

Lots of riding around the continental divide. It's only 6200 ft higher then Brownsburg, IN. I pee'd right on it and wonder if it went east or west. Hmmmm.

Nice mountains in the dessert.

Levi and Lance vs. Zabriske and Danielson vs. everyone else wasn't the match up of the week. The match up of the week faced off Andreu and Rytlewski vs. Keough and Stemper in a 2 on 2 basketball game. Adreu and I were victorious and completed exhausted as I would rather do another 26km time trial in the wind or climb any mountain then play another basketball game. You think I was a completely untrained athlete.

Traveled all day today back to Indy to meet up with my dad and Will to hop in the car and travel to Arkansas and meet back up with the guys. Hopefully this time we have better internet so I can update as we go along.

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