Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike racing in America is basically as relative as how often my daughter wets her diaper, and that has never been more apparent then now.

The big news going around the internet and on tv has been on the Floyd Landis issue. I'm sure most, if not all of you know what I'm talking about. I am not going to say anything about him, or what he is saying because personally I don't know him or about anything he is saying. All I will say is that it frustrates me and makes me sad that there are riders out there that have, do and will look to take illegal advantages, especailly when I have to race against them. But at the same time I am very happy to know of, race with and against many who do nothing of the sorts.

So currently we have wo big stage races going on in the world. The Giro (1 of 3 grand tours) and the Tour of California (the biggest stage race in the US) but the only time and subject ESPN will talk about is the Landis/Lance issue. Lance is even participating in the race, or at least was. They even have a press conference at the race, but do they mention the race even once, who's winning, how Lance is doing, his team or anything, nope. I do take that back, they showed a crash, Lance bleeding, and him getting in the car. Yet not one mention of who won, winning or video of finish. Not to mention they constantly talk about how performance enhancing drugs are such a huge issue in cycling making it very dirty. Of course nobody does those things in the ball sports. Riiiiight.

Speaking of finishes. We are lucky to have The Tour of California aired live on VS. Still wish we were racing it, but this will do till next time. Thank you VS for stepping up to the plate, but then completely blowing it and showing us once again how cycling means nothing to another station. The race is less then 2km from the finish, the schedule air time is coming to a close and the pregame for the hockey game is about to start. What to do? Well you have arguable the least popular main stream sport's pregame coming up or a finish to a race that has been on for 2hrs. VS made the decision to pull the plug on the race with 1.5km's to go to get the full 20min of pregame talk in.

Sorry for the ranting. I normally don't like to do it, but I'm so passionate about cycling and it hurts to see it being treated like garbage. Please if you don't care about cycling 99% of the year, just don't talk about it at all. If you don't care who's winning races, why do you care who's or who's not cheating? Talk about 1 of the 4000 baseball games a year.

Breeze On


pgr said...

right on!!!

adamrodkey said...

Yes, doping sucks. If you've not seen it you should watch this 6min video on Cancellera's alleged "bike doping."

adamrodkey said...

Sorry try this:

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