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Have you ever dreamed of racing for a top U.S. team or under an American Cycling Icon, such as Frankie Andreu, 9-time Tour de France finisher? If so, this competition is for you, and it is open to EVERYONE, regardless of skill level or racing category.

Strava and Inferno Racing LLC partner to bring the world the first ever internet, GPS based competition, where the reward is a real spot on a real team. It is simple, fun and totally affordable. No resumes, inside contacts, race attendance or cover letters are needed. You just ride, upload at and the people at Strava, CTS and Inferno Racing will do the rest. One lucky person will win a coveted and sought after position on one of the U.S.’s top UCI registered teams, and will receive all of the perks that goes with that position!

It is for EVERYONE and it is GLOBAL. This means you can be a current pro, an elite racer wanting to be a pro, a beginner wanting to learn the ropes or a youngster wanting to learn from Frankie and the team. All you need is a GPS device compatible with Strava (Garmin – Edge or Forerunner, iPhone or Android and even other “Smart” phones) and a membership to and the KPC Competition. The KPC competition entry fee is only $70.00 USD and includes a one-year premium Strava subscription. Those already subscribed to Strava can join the competition for a reduced entry fee of $40.00 USD.

The competition begins on June 1, 2010 and runs through September 30, 2010. You can join at any time between June 1, and September 1, 2010, as the monthly winners will be placed in the possible candidate pool. Those that join earlier will have more chances and opportunities to grab a categorized win. Each month will have a new “Leader Board” with competitions such as, but not limited to Overall Leader, Best Climb, Time Trial, and Most Improved. The top 3 persons from each category each month will go to CTS’s (Carmichael Training Systems) team for evaluation of files and rides that were uploaded during the competition period. That is up to 18 shots each month to get into the final selection pool. It could take only one ride to stand out! You start getting ranked the minute you join and upload your first ride to Strava.

KPC train
Be a part of our winning team in 2011!

At the conclusion of the competition, CTS coaches will submit the top three (3) in each category posted in each month of the competition to a panel including Frankie Andreu, members of Inferno Racing (management company operating team) and a randomly selected U.S. cyclist to chose the lucky winner, to be announced November 14, 2010 (UCI contracts are due on November 15, 2010).

“This is a real spot on our team.” states owner and founder of Inferno Racing, Chad Thompson. “If you are an elite or pro rider, you will get a 1 year contract on our 2011 UCI Continental Team. If you are not eligible to be a pro, you will still get a spot as a development rider and get all of the same equipment, coaching, support and mentoring that all of our athletes get. And, it is all yours to keep after the year is up.”

Frankie Andreu says “This is such a cool idea and concept. We do not have to sift through contracts, take a million phone calls or hunt for riders good enough to be here. The data from Strava will tell us who we take, and it is so fun to compete on Strava. It makes everyday a motivated and fun filled ride day!”
Michael Horvath, co-founder and CEO of Strava tells this “We are blown away by the great idea that came from the Inferno Racing team. This is truly revolutionary and the first competition ever of this kind. Anyone who joins is becoming a part of cycling history and could earn a spot on one of America’s best and fastest growing teams.”

Receive the tools to win in any situation.

Where does the money you spend on the competition go? All proceeds go to the team’s chosen charity and operating costs raise donor awareness for Children’s Hospitals and TX Tough. Once you join, you will also receive a one-year premium subscription to Strava, where you can upload ride data and compete on their public forum, as well as join many of their other free and pay-to-play events. It is truly revolutionary!

Rules and admission will open and become available on June 1, 2010 at 06:00 AM EST and be open through September 30, 2010. You can visit or for more information, following the same time lines as the competition.
You will never get a simpler and cheaper opportunity to be a part of a team of this caliber, nor have the chance to be a part of history in the making with such a unique concept and competition. What are you waiting for? Get a GPS device and join now at!

About Strava: Strava is a website for avid cyclists where you can upload your GPS ride data to compare and compete with friends and rivals. Strava’s many unique features are built for cyclists including automatic climb identification and categorization, virtual climb competitions, and member-created on-line races. It makes your riding a social web experience. Learn more at

Good Luck and hopefully you don't take my spot!

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