Monday, May 03, 2010

Gila Monster

This picture pretty much sums up the week. A little slow on a climb, positioned to far back, no TT bike, caught short with 7 to go, and down and out with 102 miles to go describes the 5 stages.

It really wasn't that bad, but I'm really only interested in winning and or getting someone on the team to win. We had a few miscues, but through it all we fought hard and didn't ever give up. On to more races this weekend in Arkansas at Joe Martin. Most of the same guys from Gila are heading to Joe Martin plus the addition of Hartley and Luca from Speedweek, so some heavy hitters.

Flight to New Mexico. Nick and I had a sweet exit row with nobody between us and plenty of leg room. This would be the most comfortable I was all week.

The bikes already to go.

Riding to stage 1.

Our sweet accomidations in the church's gym. Air mattresses, tables, and a basketball hoop for afternoon games. Everyone did the first night on a cot. After that it was all about finding padding, air mattress or whatever you could get your hands on to make sleeping better. I ended up with the air mattress with leak so by half way through the night it was like a water bed, and closer to morning I was basically sleeping on the gym floor.

Lots of riding around the continental divide. It's only 6200 ft higher then Brownsburg, IN. I pee'd right on it and wonder if it went east or west. Hmmmm.

Nice mountains in the dessert.

Levi and Lance vs. Zabriske and Danielson vs. everyone else wasn't the match up of the week. The match up of the week faced off Andreu and Rytlewski vs. Keough and Stemper in a 2 on 2 basketball game. Adreu and I were victorious and completed exhausted as I would rather do another 26km time trial in the wind or climb any mountain then play another basketball game. You think I was a completely untrained athlete.

Traveled all day today back to Indy to meet up with my dad and Will to hop in the car and travel to Arkansas and meet back up with the guys. Hopefully this time we have better internet so I can update as we go along.

Breeze On

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jbhancock said...

Sorry to hear about the Gila. Make it up in Arkansas!