Sunday, May 09, 2010

Joe Martin Final

Today was the criterium at Joe Martin. It continued to live up to it's name as one of the toughest crits of the year. For some reason they made it even harder and dangerous by adding a few corners, taking the total up to 12, and having a corner that took many riders out. So many riders went down in the same corner that there were skid marks all over the road and unfortunately a few riders were seriously hurt.

The crashes in the first few laps made me a bit nervous and I ended up loosing a few positions. I ended up getting more comfortable as the laps went by and the crashes, at least in front of me went away. The break went early and a few riders tried desperately to bridge as Jamis set tempo and kept it within 25 seconds.

Things began to heat up in the last 5 laps like usual and with 2 laps to go what was left of the field started to break apart. I was in decent position, but in the last lap got caught up behind a crash and lost some time. Luca was positioned great as usual and finished strong in 5th place. My little mistake cost me roughly 10 spots on GC, not that it really mattered. Come to find out as I slowed downed I could hear my break rubbing on my wheel. At some point in the race I hit something, or someone hit me because it was way out of whack. That wasn't helping me feel good.

To add to the misery were the guys who acted like dick heads for no reason. As the race got harder the number of riders acting like this increased. I just started to laugh about it.

Photo Credit once again to Will Swan. He took fabulous care of all the equipment this week. The bikes where clean and everything ran smoothly. My dad took care of the DSing and Sougnieur duties and did a great job. Nobody missed start times, there was plenty of bottles, and the car was there for us when needed in the caravan.

Another shot out has to be giving to my alma-matter Marian who just won collegiate road nationals for the first time by winning both the men and womens TTT. Our boy Rob Bush also took out the Men's Omnium title. Can't wait to race with him the rest of the season. Of course he should thank me for all those training rides we did together. Just kidding. Nice work guys and girls.

Next up a few local races and then another blog of some big races for the Kenda Team including Philly, Nature Valley, and Fitchburg.

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Anonymous said...

That "Will" guy takes some great pictures! It looks like he took most of the pictures on the current page! He must be some sort of good-looking photographer/bike mechanic genius!

pgr said...

And don't forget anonymous blog commenter.

Unknown said...

Great re-cap! My mom lives in Fayetteville and I need to give this event a go.

Unknown said...
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