Saturday, May 08, 2010

Two Road Races

We have completed the two road stages at Joe Martin. Yesterday was a very aggressive stage. I and two teammates where making sure to covering every move. We did this for 60km before a split in the peloton happened and we were in a group of 40 off the front. From there a group of 15 formed after a few attacks went away and we had representation with Waite and Stemper.

The field tried chasing, but couldn't catch the Jamis/Bissell train that were motoring in the break. Waite and Stemper both finished in the top 10. I came in with the field which came back together.

Today's stage was a bit more relaxed and unfortunately we missed the break after trying to make it. Luckily a few other bigger teams as well missed it and like every year it came together for a field sprint. Luca just missed the podium yet again and finished 4th. It was a fairly scary fast downhill sprint.

Here's some photos.

Taking off in the TT

Pre race meeting before stage 1

Photo credit: Will Swan

The bikes next to the van. Black and White and Red.

Photo Credit: Will Swan

My dad who is the stand in director standing next to the bikes

Photo Credit: Will Swan

Luca coming back after a mechanical. I had one today and did something similar. Coming through the caravan is rather fun.

Photo Credit: Will Swan

Our stand in mechanic for the week Will Swan sitting in the back of the car with wheels in had ready to go for a quick change.

Photo Credit: Will Swan. He likes to take photos of himself with his timer. He had plenty. Check them out on his blog.

Tomorrow is the criterium. 90 more minutes of hard core racing. It will make 9 races in 12 days. Awesome. Can't wait to race, but also can't wait to be home for a while.

It's been said, and lots of people know, but I have to mention again Congrats to my friend and former teammate Brent Bookwalter on finish 2nd in the Giro Prologue. An outstanding ride, by a great guy. He'll be right up there I'm sure helping Cadel the rest of the Tour.

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