Thursday, June 17, 2010

Second Season

Races always seem to come at you fast, one after another, and then like a rain cloud in the dessert it just seems to stop. The first part had Taiwan, Battenkill, Gila, and Joe Martin. Now we did Philly, Air Force, Clarendon, currently at Nature Valley, onto Cincy crit weekend, then Fitchburg, and finished off with Grand Rapids. No weekend off. Followed by some time off before the last stint of the season. (To be Determined)

Last weekend was the always brutal Clarendon Criterium, formerly known as CSC. It's probably one of the hardest flat criteriums in the US. It's a one km course with 5 corners in which we do 100 laps. Quick math will tell you that means we corner 50o times which is a lot of sprinting. Imagine this for a workout from your coach. 2.5hr ride with a 10 second sprint every 30 seconds. You'd think he was crazy, but that is basically what you do in the race.

It was a pretty hot day, but our team was riding strong. We made some moves, brought back a few, but missed the move of the day in the confusing of trying to get water from the feedzone which just opened. Tried to bring it back, but never happened. Luca even tried a move to get the lap as well, but came up just a bit short. Our rookie Rob took his shot at the sprint and finished 9th on the day after 6 had lapped.

The following day was the Air Force Criterium. A little shorter race, but on a longer circuit. It made it not so crity. We pretty much did the same thing as the previous day, but today nothing stuck this time. Our two sprinters flatted under the free lap rule which hurt our chances on the result for the day, but our team was riding stronger.

Now it's on to some stage racing. It was good to get those two crits in as a warm up as 3 of the 6 stages at Nature Valley are criteriums.

Breeze On


Jamie R said... - Is this the Grand Rapids one? Also, are those pics of you? You look pretty far ahead on the one pic. Good thing Josh does not read this or he'll talk about how you missed the break/move.

jbhancock said...

Hey great pics and thanks for the updates! It is always good reading. Best of luck!

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