Monday, July 12, 2010

Almost Over

The first week of the Tour de France has only just finished, and yet it seems like my season is coming to end. How can that be? With races being canceled left and right, what seems like the majority of races early in the season and two big stage races out west it doesn't leave much to do over here.

On tap is Elk Grove late July/Early August, criterium nationals in mid August, and road nationals in the middle of September. I might do Univest in early September, but that is still in the air. There will be a local race or two thrown in, but basically I'm counting down with one hand.

What am I going to do for competition. Well I think I'll be taking part in this. If you want to ride with Kenda next year as do I, we have to join this. If you think your good enough, join up and if you happen to be good enough you'll get a contract.

How has the racing been going so far? Well result wise for myself not that great. I've been riding good, being aggressive, and for the most part been trying to help the team succeed, which hasn't landed any personal results. I'm ok with that as long as it pays off and helps the team. My day will come, whether it being a break sticking or being in a situation where I can win. A few guys have had some good rides lately, Stemper and Hartly going 1-2 in the omnium in Dairlyland and Birdman and Bush getting on the podium in the early races at Superweek. Everyone is riding good and I expect a lot more good results to come over the last part of the season.

Breeze On

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