Monday, July 19, 2010


Friday morning I headed out for a good training ride. I ran into a good friend of mine Scott Moon who was on a tandem. It was nice to be able to catch up with him. It's been a while since I've been able to ride with posse out here in Avon since I've been on the road so much over the past couple of months. For that reason I had no intentions on racing till Elk Grove. I was just planning on staying home, spending time with family, and training without worrying about the racing.

All changed when I got a phone call from Birdman on Friday afternoon asking if I was going to go racing. I said no that I didn't really feel like it, and he continued to try to talk me into. He said he would even train with me on Sunday. So I kinda of knew right then he must have really wanted me to go with him. It's not so much the racing I didn't mind doing, it's everything that goes into it. The packing, traveling, and paying $50 entries for a 75 minute race. I ended up calling him a few minutes later and asked him what time WE were leaving.

We had a good team at the race with Birdman, Marco, Bush, Baldesare, Gamm, and myself. With two, arguably three of the strongest finishers in the race, having the race come down to a sprint finish was no worry to us. We really didn't want a break to go without one of the sprinters. We were in it to win it. The race was fairly aggressive, mostly by NUVO, but mostly the bigger teams marked each other out. There were few breaks/splits, but nobody really worked hard enough to stay away more then a lap or two. Our team was on everything. It's getting to the point where I'm saying to myself I want to be in that one, but my teammate is there. Dang. Everyone is riding so well.

At one point a group of 5 or so got away for a lap with Birdman in it when things picked up to bring it back and as soon as it came back Jonathan Jacobs for NUVO went and I jumped across with a guy on my wheel. We had a decent gap and I worked with him. The other guy just sat on saying he couldn't work. I worked hard to quickly build up a gap as a strong group of 4 guys were trying to chase on. We managed to stay away. I knew I had to win for the team so I took the right steps to make sure I did. I was worried about the guy who sat on the whole time, but I was able to take the sprint finish for my first victory in a while. It wasn't the biggest race, but it still felt good to win.

How'd our sprint finishers do? Well they took 1st, 2nd, and 4th in the field sprint. Marco ended up 3rd in the State of Ohio Criterium Championships. Congratulations on your bronze. You can put it next to your silver medals.

The best part of the whole thing was the confidence my teammates had in me in finishing the race off. Birdman was pretty sure I finished 3rd, and the look on the guys faces when I said I won was priceless. It was the same look a kid gives when he gets the one Christmas gift he really wanted.

So come Sunday Birdman held up his promise of training with me, sort of. He pulled off a bit early and we started an hour later as he decided to sleep in, which really ended up sucking as the last 45 minutes of the ride was in the pouring rain and wind. The pressure dropped so much that my Gramin thinks I climbed a 2 mile climb at 5%, at the same time the storm started. In reality that point in the ride couldn't be much flatter.

Also on Sunday one my athletes that I coach, Adam Rodkey won the cat 3 time trial state championships. He has been ripping it up this year, and put in a PR in the 40km a few weeks ago. Nationals is coming up for him in a couple of weeks.

For myself another week of training coming up. No racing this weekend, maybe.

Breeze On


pgr said...

Good for you. You've had a win coming, now keep um coming!

jimarnold said...

Awsome Jake - way to go!

Got to rememeber not to read your blog right before bed.... brings up my heart rate! Aw man, now I'm getting cramps too!