Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot and Sweaty

This past month has been filled with tons of racing, including 4 crits and two stage races. So there hasn't been much need for training between with that much racing jammed in. But now that the next race, Elk Grove, is a few weeks away it's back to training.

It really feels like it's been a while since I've trained in this kind of heat. The last time that comes to mind is August of 2007. It just so happened that my Rite Aid teammates where staying with me. That was a lot of dudes in a small place. Good times though.

In winter and spring I've gone on rides and only had 2 bottles for a 4hr (not a good thing), but I've done it. On yesterdays 4hr ride I had 8, and still felt like I rationing it. I always like to plan my rides around areas I know I'll be able to stop if needed for water. Being dehydrated can take a lot out of you. Some like to ride during the morning while it's cool. I like to ride in the heat of the day just like races. Not really, but the last few days it's just the way it's worked out in my schedule.

I met up with Chad again yesterday afternoon and we headed to a group ride on the north side of town. Kind of hard to do a group ride you've never done before with not knowing which way your going, as on one occasion on the front I went right by a turn. I wish Chad and I could have headed back together, but as soon as I turned my back for water Chad was gone. I called and asked where he went and he said he was almost home!?! So I sweated to my oldies and headed for home on my own.

Breeze On