Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another beautiful day in the backwoods of Monroe, Morgan, and Brown Counties for the Breezer True Hilly Hundred. The weather was great and the roads were in near perfect condition, for dirt roads.

Once again the turnout was lower then I hoped for, but 3 new riders decided to go on the ride. Greg Strock, Harry Clark and Bri Kovac decided to tag along with me as we meandered the back country.

Due to certain family circumstances I showed up a bit late. They didn't seem to mind as it was only 10 minutes. There biggest concern was to point out how I had no friends as they were the only ones doing my ride. Everyone else seemed to have something come up as the weekend quickly approached.

We were having a great ride till some untimely flats and more circumstances came up and we had to cut the ride short once arriving to the town of Bean Blossom. From there we took the quick way back to Martinsville.

Still it was a great day of riding. I really can't wait for next time and hopefully we will get through it.

Here's the strava report.>>
Breeze On