Monday, October 18, 2010

Many cyclist dream of racing across the 'pond' (Atlantic Ocean). I'm about to cross the 'lake' (Pacific Ocean) for the second time this season. I'm about to ending my road season where it began, in Asia. In March I would have never dreamed of making the long trip back over, but for some reason I agreed to not only fly in a plane for 18hrs, but also extend my racing season into late October. Of course how often do you get to go to South Korea and race around the DMZ.

Being in Asia is quite different, but the racing isn't so much. It's aggressive and hard. Hopefully I was able to maintain enough fitness to have a good race. Whether that be in a supporting role, or scrumming for a result. There will be plenty of quality competition. All info on the race is hard to gather as it's all in a foreign language, but from what we gather the first day will be the hardest. It seems to be long and mountainous.

Hopefully there will be internet access so I can keep this updated with pictures/videos and write ups.

It's going to be an early morning as I will be heading out the door just after 4am. Hey I think my dad does that everyday. Anyways luckily I have a wonderful wife who is willing to take me to the airport. Well since I'm leaving in a few hours I better finish packing.

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ybbond said...

Flight to Incheon is an easy 12 hours from ORD ---- Asiana or Korean Air are the safe bet to have nice in flight service and all your luggage when you get there.