Friday, October 22, 2010

Ok that was the hardest race I've done, or at leas that I can remember. It's been a while since I've got to a race and felt like I could hardly pedal at the end. Actually come to think of it at the end of stage one in Taiwan I kind of felt the same at the end. Yesterday though had to do more with the 10,000+ feet of climbing and 110 miles.

On the decent of the first climb it looked like a landmind had gone off with all the bodies on the side of the road. I was about a minute behind, and by the looks of it fortunate to have been. I saw at least 6 guys on the ground, including teammate Phil all in the first 100 meters of the decent. The first crash was do to a motorcycle going down in the corner.

The second climb around mile 70 had most guys zigzagging and some walking. I managed to stay on my bike and would rather stop then walk. It seemed to be a military zone only as there wer guard shacks, military personnel, and artillery going off. According to my Garmin it was 4 miles with an average of 10% and in the middle was 2 miles averaging 16% with steeper pitches. The downhills were just as crazy steep and switch backing. It was already epic. Good thing it was dry.

I rode the next 30 miles with just one other guy and it was brutal. There were 3 'rollers' on they way in. Frankie said they weren't that big. They were just around 2.5 miles and 6%, but don't worry no big deal. A group of 4 came up just before the end, and of course attacked just before the finish on the crucially placed dam finish 150 feet above the river in the last 1500 meters.

Today starts with 2 climbs in the first 30 miles, but after that seems to be mostly downhill. Hopefully my legs react to the start.

For the pre ride we rode out to the check point on the DMZ. The race actually starting 5km in.

A little pre race podium. A team can dream can't they.

Pretty sure this is as far as a person can get in South Korea. Notice the whiteish mountain in the background. That would be north Korea. Lovely beaches eh? If you go on them you will be shot however. The coastline is all fence offed much of the way down the country.

Pre race photos being taken. A three star general was there with us. He was smart enough to have us stand behind him.

On top of the dam. Phil took this photo as I had no energy to move after the race. Notice where the water is. We were there 2km before the finish. Didn't even expect a climb at the end like that.

What an experience though. Sure while I was barely pedaling 40rpm up a climb that seemed like it was never going end I wanted to never race again, but in reality what a great sport and there aren't many other things you can do and see so much.

I wonder what is in store for us today.

Breeze On


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Looks awesome! Way to hang tough!

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