Friday, October 15, 2010

Tomorrow is my personal Grand Fondo, the 5th annual Breezer True Hilly Hundred. Once again the turnout looks like it will be low. Not sure why. Temps in the lower 70's, fall foliage near it's peak, and an easy pace promised to be set. Maybe one year I'll be able to get a good size group out.

I'm pretty excited about those who are suppose to be in attendance however. A couple of new goers, and even word of the fist female attempting the ride. There in for the best ride Indiana has to offer. Report to follow with pictures and Strava download.

I got out for a ride yesterday with teammate Rob Bush. I thought doing a 3 day stage race in late October was a bit of a challenge. Come to found out once again the young kid is trying to out do the veteran by partaking in the 12 stage Vuelta a Guatemala which starts next week. Have fun with that.

Fall is finally settling in. I love the mild temperatures and the breeze through the open corn fields. I told Rob how much I thought the weather was perfect and by the look he gave I'm not quite sure he felt the same way. Maybe I shouldn't have asked after doing 12 miles dead flat into a headwind across the open fields of Indiana.

Breeze On