Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Tour de DMZ is over. Today was a flatter, shorter, and even shorter stage then the previous two days.

No matter how tired the legs are once the neutral is over the race is on. The start today was fast as it seemed I was constantly in my 11 tooth cog. We flew through the first 20km's of the race, so fast that the officials made a wrong turn and we were shortly stopped.

We were on a highway, the right road, but 20kms short. With no way to turn the race around we sat around as officials figured out what to do and for the roads ahead to be closed as we were way ahead of schedule.

After sitting on the median for 20 minutes the race was on. Soon enough a break of 5 guys including Jonny Sundt were off the front. There gap slowly increased into the 2 minute range before we hit the 25km to go sign. As we did the leader jersey asked for pee break as he was getting ready to pull over. To bad we were only 25km's from the finish because nobody cared as teams immediately began to chase.

Chad and I tried to position Luca as close to the front and for as long as possible in case the break came back. It just so happens that it did and for a two man lead out we did a decent job. Luca ended up with another 6th place finish for the year.

The season ended just like it began in Asia, Sundt in the break the last day, and finishing 20th overall.

Now we play the waiting game. I have 24hrs before my flight leaves. If you hate Mondays you would hate mine. I'm going to have a 37hr Monday. I depart at 1pm Korean time and arrive in Indy at 10:30pm same day after 20+hrs of travel including stops in China and Newark.

The finish today was in front of this temple

A group photo of the Kenda Korean Crew.

Breeze On

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