Wednesday, December 08, 2010

For the last few days I've felt like I've been a fish stuck in a tiny bowl. I look at my window and it's sunny and beautiful looking, yet if I found myself out there it could be deadly. Ok I maybe exaggerating a bit, but with high temperatures struggling to hit 20 it can make it quite uncomfortable.

Today was my breaking point as I decided to check out some trails at the city park that I've never done before. So I put on a layer of Skins under ALL my Hincapie wear and headed out on my Breezer mountain bike. There really isn't that much around here so on my way over to the park, maybe 2 miles away, I did some laps on the grass field between my house and the Kroger. It looked like a few 4 wheel vehicles had down the same as there were paths and torn up dirt.

Once I got the park I did endless laps, loops, zigg zaggs, back and forths, ups and downs, and went every which way. There is a paved walking trail that makes a loop and the fun parts were all between. The other fun part was the trail next to the rail tracks that went for a half mile.

On my way back through the apartment complex I was riding through the grass and passed a few construction workers and a electrician at the green box outside and I felt like and must of looked like a kid out enjoying riding his bike in the snow. It made me think of how lucky I am to say I was working. I wasn't so happy minutes later as I was back on the TruTrainers.
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Monday, December 06, 2010

I haven't blogged anything worth wild in a bit, but I believe blogs should be somewhat interesting. To blog something interesting I would have to do something interesting or have some sort of interesting event happen to myself. Already I'm 4 sentences into this one and I bet I have lost a few of you.

I haven't been to some Italian mountain ski resort or playing beach volleyball with teammates. The only interactions with teammates I have had has come through emails, twitter and facebooking. Cyclingnews also isn't out taking pictures of me training on the worse day possible as I start my training for 2011. Heck for that to happen they'd have to be laying in my bed the last few days and next, as I'm already stuck riding indoors.

Stat of the day. Average high in Indianapolis today 42F. Today's high 18F.

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Sunday, December 05, 2010


It's that time of the season again where you have start focusing on the your new goals for the new season. Anyone interested in coaching can contact me and see my website.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

One more month.

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This past weekend was the second annual Gravel Grovel race and once again it didn't disappoint. After finishing it last year and being completely smashed I couldn't imagine doing that to myself again, either good some others. But being the die heart for a bit of pain and a lot of fun I found myself heading down with teammate Birdman again along with his wife.

After the second time around I still can attest that this is a must do event. It's a 100km ride/race on mostly gravel roads, with some trails, pavement, lots of hills, multiple creek crossings, a closed bridge, and this year a cattle gate that had to be scaled. There even was water and I hear apple cider available at a few rest points along the way.

This year I was on the Breezer mountain bike I was giving to use. Thanks again. My cross bike is not working, and even if it was I most likely would have ridden the mountain bike. Why? Why not. It has plenty of advantages as it's more comfortable, proper gearing, and suspension available at a tap of a button.

Our race started off at a crawl until the first hill when the pressure was put on. Soon we hit he first single track section and those that could ride fast through it did and those that couldn't wouldn't be seen again.

Our event could be best described as a polite hammer fest. Sure we went hard, but we also held up a few times for friends, old men bladders, and Birdman who threated to knock me off my bike if I left him out there after having to stop for water because he dropped a bottle. I don't remember him waiting for me last year after having to stop to fix my bike a few times.

At the end it came down to just five of us and I took home an even bigger rock this year. Now I'm a proud owner of two toasters and two big rocks.

The fun of the event doesn't end there. As soon as you can collect yourself again they had chili, water, and soda available by a fire, which was awesome. But most of us still headed over to the bar in the basement of the Story Inn for brews and burgers. Man that was one delicious burger.

I'm sure they are going to have this even again next year and if the weather is appropriate I highly recommend you doing it. Get a group of buddies and you will not be disappointed.

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