Monday, December 06, 2010

I haven't blogged anything worth wild in a bit, but I believe blogs should be somewhat interesting. To blog something interesting I would have to do something interesting or have some sort of interesting event happen to myself. Already I'm 4 sentences into this one and I bet I have lost a few of you.

I haven't been to some Italian mountain ski resort or playing beach volleyball with teammates. The only interactions with teammates I have had has come through emails, twitter and facebooking. Cyclingnews also isn't out taking pictures of me training on the worse day possible as I start my training for 2011. Heck for that to happen they'd have to be laying in my bed the last few days and next, as I'm already stuck riding indoors.

Stat of the day. Average high in Indianapolis today 42F. Today's high 18F.

Breeze On