Monday, January 31, 2011

Where am I?

If you don't talk to me often you probably have no clue what I have been up to as updating the blog has been put on the shelf. Not because I've been busy ride, but because I've been busy not riding. I really didn't want to blog the last two months about how the winter has been horrible and how riding inside is painful as it's been done before. Also it's been to frustrating to even think about.

I could have also blogged about the epically cold rides I've been on this season. Never before have I done riding in temperatures like I have this year, but I know all are in the same boat. A lot of riders ride in cold weather, but to train in cold weather is slightly different.

I've bailed on Indy winter for a few days as my wife told me to get out. Of course we left as a horrible storm is suppose to be hitting home, and we should probably be there, but.....So we packed up and headed out with my personal sponsor for the week Jeff Rhodes of TruTrainers. It's great having the sponsor along at a training camp. Also we both will get more riding in then Birdman which in part will make us faster. That's the whole reasoning behind this adventure.

Yesterday we loaded up his Vibe and headed to his nephews house in Greenville, SC. But first we had a stop at my coaches, Andy Applegate, in Asheville and did an awesome ride in near 70 degree weather.

This picture says it all. A perfect day.

Today was back to a normal winter day in the south. Just did a lighter couple of hours today with a trip up Paris Mountain for fun. Maybe a little rain tomorrow, some wind on Wednesday, and a little chill on Thursday is predicted, but you still won't here a complaint for either of us.

Enjoy your trainer Birdman.

Breeze On