Monday, February 28, 2011

I had all intentions of posting almost daily at camp, but plans were side tracked when Gaimon and Thompson decided they knew what they were doing when messing around with the routers in the hotel. In a blink of an eye the, on the first day, the internet was bleak.

There were many cool things that happened through out camp, but the busiest day as a rider were the first two. Getting new bikes, equipment, clothes, sponsor products, and bike fits took a bit of time.

A bag full of new clothes, shoes, helmets, and etc.

TT bike fit session.

New race bike all built up and sized up.

The other days were quite routine. We would basically get up, have breakfast, ride, eat lunch, relax for an hour or so, have a team meeting, and then head out to dinner. The rides consisted of lots of time in the saddle, a bit of leadout practice, photo opts, and even a tt day.

Couldn't decide what shoe color to wear. Black goes good with left side of jersey and white goes well with right side.

The staff on the other hand had their hands full taken care of 18 'children'. The mechanics Will, helper Eric, and my dad were able to whip out over 50 bikes during camp working from 8am to 6pm daily. The new Masi's are pretty awesome, and the Mercury Trident makes me excited to race a TT again. The sponsors are all amazing as well. Mario Mazza worked his tail off all of camp and asks for nothing. He even bought the guys drinks at dinner on occasion. We also had some pro media at camp including Brandon and Iain. They took some amazing pictures and videos. I will share when I can .

Who needs bottle cages when you can use a perfectly good magnet. Check out the new Vincero Design bottles and bottle docks.

I roomed with Scottie for camp. I think they stuck us together so we wouldn't bore others with pictures and stories of our 1year olds. We're both very excited about our kids.

We are going to have a great year as everyone on this team is strong and so motivated. I think this is the strongest team I've ever been on and I can not be more excited. I'm really looking forward to being a part of a team that wins many races and is expected to.

Look for Kenda in 2011

Breeze On


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