Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The last two weeks have been a blur of travel, riding, family, more riding, and making final preparations before heading to camp.

Like I previously said Jeff Rhodes (trutrainers) and I headed south for a few days of some much needed outdoor riding.

At the top of Caesars Head in South Carolina which happens to be my favorite climb in the area.

I traveled home to an area hit by an ice storm followed by a solid 5" the day after my arrival. Along with a cold spell that led to many more indoor hours. Boring.

That's right -12.

Family time is always great.

Who doesn't enjoy a good game of peekaboo? She still enjoys it even though the box is see through.

I received the best package in while from the good ole UPS guy a few days back. Inside was my brand new Mercury TT bike. My father came down a few days before camp to help put it together before he makes the drive with team mechanic Will Swan down to camp in Florida. At the minimum that means 1 less out of the 50 or so to build at camp.

I got out for Tri practice with it today. To bad Birdman wasn't able to join me this time. Maybe once daylights savings time comes back we'll be able to get together so I can light him up.

Although for some reason I think we forgot to do something last night as we were building the bike. I can't put my finger on it though.

Three more days and it's off to camp in hopefully sunny and warm Clermont, Florida. There has been so much news about the team over the last few weeks and I'll be blogging about it all. Tour of California and an even stronger roster. Also there will be new uniforms, equipment, bikes, and etc. The blogging season is about to begin.

Breeze On

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