Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Did one of my all time favorite recovery rides today. Just headed towards the ocean, rode along the ocean and headed back. Super weather and all around good day. It even included some time on a rail trail. There is one key rule to riding a rail trail, no more then 200 watts.

Since nobody else is around I have to ride with this guy.

I don't see him much as he's a mere shadow, like Birdman.

The fun and the sun comes to an end tomorrow as it's suppose to rain and we are going to start our trip back to the great north. We'll probably make a quick stop in Berlin, TN for the Hell of the South bike race. Never heard of it or heard anything about, but was trying to look for a bike race on the way back and this was the one.

Breeze On

Monday, March 28, 2011

Currently on family vacation in Venice, Florida. The wife is on your spring break from school and after my traveling through the winter she to wanted a break from winter. So I agreed to travel with her Madelyn and my father to my Aunt Denise's and Uncle Roger's house. They have been great to host us last year and again this year.

So far we have spent a bit of time by the pool, at the beach, eating good food, and heck even been riding a bit. Madelyn has been the show for the vacation and everything we do and everywhere we go she is putting on a show. She knows it and gets a laugh from everyone. I'm really glad she is enjoying herself.

Tomorrow it's back to the beach. Hopefully a little riding before and a little ice cream after. And by a little I mean quite a bit, maybe on both accounts. I could get use to this vacation thing. Although I do have to say I'm a bit sad I wasn't out with my boys racing San Dimas and winning the whole thing. Awesome work guys! Clearly they did just fine without me. I'm looking for them to do the same this weekend in Redlands. Go Kenda 5 Hour Energy p/b GearGrinder Pro Cycling team. I can't wait to get out their racing with everyone.

I do plan on doing a race as of right now on the way back in Tennessee. It's called the Hell of the South. A 95 mile road race with some dirt. Should be good times.

Breeze On

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring sure can be wild. One day you're riding in shorts and a jersey, the way bike riding is meant to be, and the next you're out in leg warmers, jackets, hats, gloves, booties, and etc. Server thunderstorms at night and sleet in the morning. A quick drop of 40 degrees in a 12 hour period. Good thing for us Hincapie Sports gives us plenty to stay warm.

I did enjoy a solid 3 days in a row in the 70's. It made me think of summer, and of what is to come. I took full advantage of the nice weather as I spent a good amount of time on the bike, and in the evenings took Madelyn to the park. She get's around pretty good now which is good and bad. It's good as she can have more fun, but it's bad as she's at the age where I'm glued to her side. Another year or two and I'll be cemented to a bench after the long rides.

So this cold spell came at a good time as I am off with the family and dad for a little vacation in Florida at my Aunt Denise's and Uncle Roger's. They let us stay with them last February as well. It's not quite the training mecca there but a perfectly timed recovery week will be executed. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bummed about not racing in California the next two weeks, but there will be plenty of races to come. Watch for the Kenda 5hour Energy p/b GearGrinder lads.

Here is a ride I did last weekend in Nashville with Chad, Jeff Rhodes and riders from Team Nebo Ridge. The roads down there are amazing for riding. Well other then the biting dogs. Just don't be the slowest.

Breeze On

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Currently I am having a great time at the Team Nebo training camp in Nashville, IN. I was invited by member Jeff Rhodes (TruTrainer rollers) and also Whitney and Chad Burdzilauskas who were attending. We arrived Friday afternoon and went for a little spin and return minutes before the rain. Today we did a longer day and slaughtered on some of the hills down here.

For those not familiar with Nashville, IN it is a very small tourist town. There are many shops and restaurants right on and around main street. There are even more fudge/ice cream/candy shops! Also the area is know for it's riding with many small roads and hills. It's a great place to train.

We broke off into 3 or so groups today and the guys in my group rode very well. Two in particular who where younger. They always went till they blew and rode most hills as hard as they could. You have to love that spirit. It was also great to have Chad on the ride as he kept his eye on my rear wheel.

For a club team Nebo Ridge is having a pretty pro camp. Great riding is followed by great food (homestyle restaurants on every corner) and every evening there is a get together with a guest speaker and drinks are provided.

Tomorrow we head home and Chad and I are planning on riding back. He's excited it's only 45miles, but riding behind me it's going to be closer to 100. No reason to go straight back.

Breeze On.

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Sunday, March 06, 2011

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Be sure to check out their belt and wallet which is made out of old inner tubes. Probably not Kenda however as those never wear out.

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Breeze On

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Here are some pictures taken at camp from our photograph Brandon Andrews. He takes photos at a lot races and can also do personal projects. You should check out his work. His a few pics of, well me.

Climbing the biggest Mountain in Florida, Surgarloaf Mountain. They basically made a mountain out of a mole hill.

TT practice, next to one of the few who can make me look big. Scottie was also my roomate for the week.

The Mercury Trident TT bikes are pretty sweet. They will even feel faster with the Mercury Disc and 90 wheels. Won't be loosing because of the equipment.
Blah. That is how I feel about the last few days. Not riding, because I wasn't able to do that as I was running a fever and had a bit of a bug. Laying in bed as the sun is shinning is not exactly ideal, but at the same time it was only for the best. Now back to reality as I'm starting to feel better, the sun is behind the rain clouds and the temperature should be in the 30's in no time.

At camp I got my early season schedule and it looks like my first race will be the Sunny King Criterium in Anniston, AL on April 10th and then it will be off to the Tour of the Gila at the end of the month. It's a bit of later start, but from that point there could be a lot of big races jammed in a short time (if selected) including Tour of California, USPRO road race, Philly, and Nature Valley.

Breeze On