Saturday, March 19, 2011

Currently I am having a great time at the Team Nebo training camp in Nashville, IN. I was invited by member Jeff Rhodes (TruTrainer rollers) and also Whitney and Chad Burdzilauskas who were attending. We arrived Friday afternoon and went for a little spin and return minutes before the rain. Today we did a longer day and slaughtered on some of the hills down here.

For those not familiar with Nashville, IN it is a very small tourist town. There are many shops and restaurants right on and around main street. There are even more fudge/ice cream/candy shops! Also the area is know for it's riding with many small roads and hills. It's a great place to train.

We broke off into 3 or so groups today and the guys in my group rode very well. Two in particular who where younger. They always went till they blew and rode most hills as hard as they could. You have to love that spirit. It was also great to have Chad on the ride as he kept his eye on my rear wheel.

For a club team Nebo Ridge is having a pretty pro camp. Great riding is followed by great food (homestyle restaurants on every corner) and every evening there is a get together with a guest speaker and drinks are provided.

Tomorrow we head home and Chad and I are planning on riding back. He's excited it's only 45miles, but riding behind me it's going to be closer to 100. No reason to go straight back.

Breeze On.

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