Monday, March 28, 2011

Currently on family vacation in Venice, Florida. The wife is on your spring break from school and after my traveling through the winter she to wanted a break from winter. So I agreed to travel with her Madelyn and my father to my Aunt Denise's and Uncle Roger's house. They have been great to host us last year and again this year.

So far we have spent a bit of time by the pool, at the beach, eating good food, and heck even been riding a bit. Madelyn has been the show for the vacation and everything we do and everywhere we go she is putting on a show. She knows it and gets a laugh from everyone. I'm really glad she is enjoying herself.

Tomorrow it's back to the beach. Hopefully a little riding before and a little ice cream after. And by a little I mean quite a bit, maybe on both accounts. I could get use to this vacation thing. Although I do have to say I'm a bit sad I wasn't out with my boys racing San Dimas and winning the whole thing. Awesome work guys! Clearly they did just fine without me. I'm looking for them to do the same this weekend in Redlands. Go Kenda 5 Hour Energy p/b GearGrinder Pro Cycling team. I can't wait to get out their racing with everyone.

I do plan on doing a race as of right now on the way back in Tennessee. It's called the Hell of the South. A 95 mile road race with some dirt. Should be good times.

Breeze On


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