Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That as expected was a fast trip. In a short 36hrs I went from Indiana to Alabama and did a 70km crit and a 115km road race. It was very pro flying in the day off and out the same day as the last race. What wasn't pro was bumming rides and having Joe Kukola transport my bike. Those last two though were smart and saved nearly $600. It's an amazing network that alot of us have, and I'm always happy to return the favor. Thanks Joe, Laura, Monte, and Brian.

It felt great getting back in there and mixing things up. I'm really starting to like night time crits. There seems to be a special ora, more excitement, and it just feels like a big time sporting event. Of course as it was the first crit for the year for me I had to get use to the whole corning fast and with it being night time seeing shadows all around.

The whole team just went out to be aggressive, and we did that. Not missing any important moves or splits. We weren't going to be caught out. Our only mishap was our sprinter being moved off the leadout mans wheel. Things happen.

So after collecting prize money, rolling back to the host house, eating dinner and showering we were in bed my midnight. Not a huge deal other then the fact we had to be up by 5am to get to the start of the road race at 8am.

It was a fast night and a quick morning. We grabbed our complimentary breakfast at the race site which consisted of a bagel with cream cheese and a Trix yogurt. Good thing the race wasn't any longer.

We were back and racing on our bikes less then 12hrs after finishing the previous night. Once again we didn't want to be caught out with guys who weren't motivated and miss a move from some of the riders who were motivated. Once again we did a good team effort and Jonny ended up in the move. Real cyclist did much of the chasing as their guy got dropped from it. Jonny came unhitched as we closed in on the finale climb.

That left it to us to close the final 30 seconds of the now 4 leaders. We took to the front and I took a really hard dig with 4km to go and had it all together with 3km to go. That left it up to Hartley, Luca, and Isaac to once again try to finish it off. They had it set up perfectly other then the fact the finish was 800meters from the last corner not 400meters like they had planned out. Whoops.

I'm really impressed with the team this year in how strong everyone is riding. Guys were all over the front of the races and in position to win, like they have already this year. A few more races and we should be banging out the wins.

Next up is the Tour of the Gila and the end of the month.

Breeze On

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jbhancock said...

Great effort - cool to see your pic on Velonews!