Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The food of California. There are not to many races in the US that supply you with your meals for the day. I've only been to a few including Tour of California and Tour of Missouri. However I have been to many races in Europe and Asia that do the same. Of course those are completely different.

So what did the meals consist of. Well many of the same things day after day. Before you think I am ungrateful for the meals we were provided I am very glad the organization plans these out. I couldn't imagine trying to do the hassle of going out, or cooking.

The morning consisted of fruit, oatmeal, some type of egg substitute, a breakfast meat, bread, pasta, and red sauce. Bonuses at a few included granola, french toast, and a toaster.

For after the races we had box lunches provided from deli's/sub shops. These consisted of a sandwich, chips, apple, and a cookie. For some reason our team seemed to get only 2 turkey sandwiches and a bunch of ham and roast beef. Either that or I didn't get to them soon enough to choose.

Dinners had salad, bread, pasta with red or white sauce, rice, a meat, and of course dessert also sometimes referred to as the DNF bar. Some bonus were the day they had turkey and stuffing, the occasional beef and mashed potatoes, and ice cream.

After 2 days our doctor Jason Brayley was so kind to provide us with a 'breakfast' box. Basically a box full of food that we could eat at any time. This included cereals, rice cakes, peanut butter, bananas, nutella, and such. I brought my own personal peanut butter that my dad sent me from back home. It's natural peanut butter made right there in Michigan. Also my wonderful wife put in my bag my nightly snack of dark chocolate.

On the final night the team treated the all the riders and staff to a huge dinner at a local brewery. It was awesome to sit back, relax, and reflex on the weeks worth of work. Oh and the clams, burger, beer (root for myself) and fries weren't bad either.

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