Monday, May 16, 2011

For the first few days here in California it's been hard to say whether we were here for a bike race or an eating competition. My jaw has been far more tired then my legs.

Yesterday was a tough decision to make. Going into the evening we knew there were two options.
1. Race the full race at scheduled start of 10:15.
2. Race only 50miles a delayed start of 1:15 in hopes that the road conditions would improve if the bad weather came to be.

Well we did wake up to snowy conditions and walking out to the cars to head to breakfast the staff was hard at work brushing and scraping the snow/ice off the vehicles. It's been a while since I've seen that. We still hadn't heard the official word on the race. But as soon as we finished breakfast we received meal tickets for the Casio buffet 3hrs before the new start time of 1:15.

The snow would come to end and the sun would make a brief appearance. But before you knew it again another squal would move in. Like this one on the way to the brunch, which so happened to be 2hrs after a solid breakfast.

It was hard to believe a race would actually happened. We ended up eating just a little bit more to prepare for the race that was suppose to start. We got word an hour before that the race was a go so we prepared to race in the sub freezing temperatures.

I headed to the line at the last possible moment as it was freezing and another squall had moved through, but the streets in town were dry so I figured it was going to be a go. We had 3minutes to go as the national anthem was being sung. 1 minute to go was called out. With about 30sec to go Levi came over the PA to announce there wasn't going to be a race as conditions out on course were dangerous and the safety of the riders was a huge priority. The crowed was receptive of the news and applauded. It was awesome that they came out in the freezing conditions to cheer us on.

As a rider I was ready to race, and felt bad for the spectators at the start, on the course and at the finish ready to see us. But we have to be safe and the course was to dangerous to race. 6 race motorcycles ended up crashing on the course. Luckily all were ok.

We headed out the other way on the other side of the lake which was a bit better shape to spin the legs. As soon as we started heading up the weather conditions worsened again and we were riding in a good snow burst. As we crested the climb we pulled over and jumped into the cars so we wouldn't have to take the decent in the bad conditions. The temperature in the car said 23. Brrrr.

Well we drove to the condos we were staying at in Northstar and headed to dinner. We ate some more, slept, and then headed to breakfast before driving to the start shortened stage 2.

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jbhancock said...

Sorry no race yesterday but good to get today under your belt!

Watched most of the last 30k on