Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Only a few days till the Amgen Tour of California starts. For the exact number of days just check with Kenda 5hour Energy p/b GearGrinder Pro Cycling twitter and or Facebook accounts. They've had a daily count for over 80 days. I haven't really freaked out till I saw 4 days, and tomorrow I'll actually be packing my bag for the trip.

I head out Friday morning and fly to Reno, NV. From there we will drive to our first hotel in Lake Tahoe. The scenery up there is phenomenal, and from what I've heard, signs of winter are lingering around. They might even linger into the race start as the forecast is for 30's and snow. So as I pack my bag tomorrow I'll be loading it with all my warm Hincapie gear. Speaking of Hincapie gear be sure to be on the look out for our new team kits sporting the 5hour energy log.

The last few days have been anything but cold around here in Indiana. Today was right around 90. I stopped 3 times for water in 4hrs and drank 8bottles. Yet it still wasn't enough. I felt like I was in a huge oven as I rode around farm fields with no shade anywhere. It almost feels like there are two cycling seasons. 1-Complain that it's to cold. 2-Complain that it's to warm. Pretty sure my wife has had enough of both.

That's it for now. I'm hoping that we have good internet throughout California to give those interested a low down on my accounts. If you want to know how the end of the race goes you might want to check out Versus daily live coverage at 5pm (EST) (expect saturday 8pm EST). That way you don't have to count on my view of chasing Levi and etc up Baldy and Sierra Rd. It might be a tough view from my position, but you never know. As Birdman would say "I'll light them up!"

Breeze On

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