Monday, May 16, 2011

Stage 2 Amgen Tour of California.

1. Team missed the break. Major no, no for us.
2. Shaun Milne was 10th which is good, but it would be great if we could improve.

Today was a shortened stage due to the wintery conditions. It's unfortunate because on the drive into the new start 60miles down the road the scenery and roads were phenomenal. On the other side after driving in we could see why we weren't riding it.

Nevada City was a great little city and a nice host for the start. We got an awesome send off. The first 40km were mostly downhill and the last 40km before the circuits were a head wind. The circuits were done almost as fast as you could ride. Would have been faster if it wasn't for the bit of rain and wet roads on some of the corners. I also became acquainted to my 53x11.

The crowds for this race is unbelievable. I expected big crowds with this being a big race and all, but it is crazy.

Scott of 5hour Energy came out for the past few days to see the racing. It's to bad yesterday had to be canceled and today was the only day of racing he got to see before heading back. Thanks again for the great support and product!

Here is today's race on Strava.

6 more days of great racing to go.

Breeze On

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