Wednesday, June 29, 2011

For a guy with no races following Beauce on his schedule till August I will have done 5 races in two weeks. Maybe after this weekends 3 day race in Michigan I will actually take a few weeks off of racing. It's been a long journey with lots of hard racing ever since late April in Gila, through California, Greenville, Philly, and Beauce. It's by far been the most demanding race schedule I've had and think it made me better as I went on. By the end I still felt pretty good and was producing some of my better races, as was the team come Beauce.

This last weekend I went to Madeira and Hyde Park Criteriums in Ohio. Madeira is a tight and short course with 2 180's and it was after the second lap I realized I couldn't remember the last crit I did. What a sprint workout! It was so different then everything I have done over the past 2 months. Not only was there the sprinting, cornering, racing at night, but also the extra aggressiveness of everyone with bumping and elbowing. Luca said speedweek may not have been great prep for California, but it would have made awesome preparation for this.

I was hoping Hyde Park the second night would be slightly better as it only had one 180, but it only took the first time through 200 meters into the race before I found myself going over someone who fell in the corner. Bruising my bottom is not the way I'd like to start a race.

This weekend is a 3 day race in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It starts with a 9mile Time trial, then an hour criterium (oh boy), then a 90 mile road race. I'll be traveling up to my parents house with the family and spending the holiday weekend up there between heading to the races with my dad. My dad is even taking the bull by the horns and is going to be pinning the number on for the weekend. Watch out for Rytlewski domination! Ha.

Maybe after this I will take a break, but then again winter is not to far off and it usually snows forcing me off the bike.

Breeze On