Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This past weekend I decided to go back to my roots by trying to overachieve as I continue to prepare for the end of the season. I love being able to ride to bike races, but riding to them when they are over 60 miles away is a bit of stretch. Of course I can't wait to do it again. It helps that the ride to Bloomington, IN is one that gets better with each passing mile.

I tried to keep it pretty light on the way down, but those that ride with me probably have a sense of how that went. My wife met me down there and graciously bought me a Sprite and chocolate chip cookie as I pinned my number on. Just sitting there relaxing in the chair eating and drinking before the race was quite relaxing.

The race itself was pretty good. There were a few teams well represented and I knew I couldn't miss a break with all of them. I tried early, missed a great one in the middle as I was in the pit, but helped bring it back and a field sprint would ensue. I just didn't get in a good position before the final laps as they were short and fairly quick.

The big question I had on the day was, "Why is everyone floating out to the 2ft high curb out of corner 3?" I never got close or had to. I think I saw 3 or 4 crashes there.

The night festivities continued as my wife and I went out to eat with Swain, Julie, and JoKo. Talking to Swain about old times reminded me of the song "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen. We had so many great experiences racing together in college that my long time readers will know about. It was some of my favorite moments and Kaite and Julie were surprised by the amount of detail we could recall. Luckily it wasn't the speediest of services as we were able to catch up on present times and plan our next get together.

Sunday we had an opportunity to head up north to Lake Schaffer where we met up with Krista and Wade. Once again a geat opportunity presented itself as it just so happens to be 80 miles away, a perfect bike ride. We had plans to leave later in the afternoon which meant for a hot ride. The stops for water got closer together. First 90 minutes, then 60, then 40 which was a stretch before the final 2o minutes.

This weekend is a crit in downtown Indy. I'll probably ride to that one as well, but it's only 20 miles away.

Breeze On

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