Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rain, rain go away come back another day. That has to be the theme song for racing in August so far. It all started with the third day of Elk Grove where the sky's opened up on the last 25km's of the race. The rain came crashing down along with riders entering into the final 7km circuit, but there wasn't much lightning so the race went on.

The following weekend was the Indiana State Criterium Championships with the Mass Ave Criterium. I knew by looking at the radar before the start of the race it was going to be touch and go. So did the officials who went over every scenario of what could happen, but even they weren't prepared. You could see the clouds roll in as the race was winding down. We went down to 10 laps to go early as the wind picked up. Some lightning flashed and soon we had 5 laps to go before the wind really whipped things up including trash cans and fencing which made their way onto the course. Next lap would be the bell as it was pitch black, winds gusting over 50mph and just about everything blowing onto the course. Luckily I made it to the car before the rain, and nobody was injured. This was the same storm that sadly cost concert goers their lives at the Indiana State fair a few miles up the road.

Next up was the USPRO Criterium Championships in Grand Rapids. Once again I saw rain on the radar and was hoping we would squeeze the 80km race in before rain would soak the course. Well we got to about 23 laps to go before the mayhem would begin. It started to drizzle. It was just enough to make the course slick and riders would go down. As the rain picked up the race was dropped quickly to 10 to go. Racers were everywhere as the rain, lightning and wind quickly picked up. Soon with 4 to go the wind came at an incredible rate again causing fencing down again and riders into the curbs. They called it with 3 to go. This time we would get a restart and a new 30 lap race as soon as the rain let up an hour later. No fun.

This weekend is the last race of the year for me in Binghamton, NY with Chris Thater. The long range forecast isn't looking to promising with a 70% change of rain. Well I guess just finish off the month like it started.

Breeze On

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