Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The temperatures are in the mid sixties, it's been raining much of the day and am I out on my bike enjoying it like there is no place I'd rather be. It is just an average day in late September with no serious race on the horizon as my season had ended nearly a month ago on a rainy day in New York. How can a rainy day riding be so enjoyable?

I've been taking some time off to recover from a long season of which I hadn't taken any good rest from and have been trying to resolve an injury I've had since February.

Some of the most enjoyable rides of the year have come in the last two weeks. Non of which were epic or much to write a blog about, but they really speak about how enjoyable riding a bike in the simplest form can be. Non of these rides have been much longer then an hour. Powermeters and racing egos were left at home.

I don't think anyone could be happier about that then this guy.

It was fun being on a ride with the old man when we were both able to talk on the ride. We cruised on the rail trails around Bay City.

Last week I quickly hit up some local trails on my cross bike after subbing before Katie got done teaching. I didn't have much time, maybe an hour, and I wasn't even close to wanting to call it a day. I was having way to much fun. I'm itching to get back out there. I'm going to take out the mountain bike with some others who go out there.

Then came yesterday after a weekend of not riding, I headed out on an old friend. It was raining and I don't get caught riding in the rain often, let alone in the off season. After about 2 minutes, again I was loving life on the bike. No plan, no powermeter, no ipod, and no speedometer. I had a smile on my face from ear to ear the whole ride in the rain. Just the simple joy of self-propelling.

No I'm not cheating on my Masi, but it's always nice to catch up with an old friend.

Of course after reading race write ups and watching the World Championships I'm already giddy about racing again and getting to some serious hard training, even though it's months away. It is what I truly love to do. But it always nice to get out and enjoy a bike like a kid. I hope to do the Breezer True Hilly Hundred soon and I would love some company. It's going to be a total relaxed affair this time. Who's in?

Breeze On