Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm glad I am finally able to get back to riding. Just in time for winter. I'm glad I missed all that nice fall weather we were experience. I'd hate to get to soft. The real cold rain that started two days ago had turned into big ole wet snow flakes yesterday that accumulated into a big wet slushy mess. Luckily I have a set of Trutrainer rollers to help get through days like yesterday. Though eventually you have to take what you got and get out there and pedal or you'll end up riding 80 days straight indoors like Birdman. A day in the 30's with reasonably dry roads is a good day and with the sun out like it was today makes for a great day.

Last night we had a team meeting over the phone with everyone. I've never had a phone conversation with more then two others. Luckily nobody sounds a like. Of course it didn't help out as I only met two of them before so I really didn't have any idea who was talking without them saying who they were first. I can't wait till we can actually get together.

We set up our first half of the season, or got it close. I'm pretty excited and it will be a fun year. More on this later.

Another event I'm looking forward to doing this upcoming year is the RAGBRAI. It's the ride across Iowa. My dad did it last year and he said it was absolutely huge. They ride between 60-80 miles a day and there are basically little parties in every town, some with good food to stop and eat. Sounds like my kind of ride. I think our great friend Will will be joining us as well. Did I mention you camp in a tent every night. Good times ahead.

Breeze On

Monday, November 28, 2011

Got the chance to get back out on the mountain bike trails this last weekend with my dad who came down to visit. It was pretty awesome and we even took to some of the more technical trails which made it even more fun. I can' t wait to get back out there. Unfortinetly it might be a while with it being winter and I had to send my Breezer Thunder Elite back. But soon enough the snow will melt and hopefully I'll be on a new Breezer Cloud 9 as I prepare to try my hands at some Ultra Endurance MTB events.

Here is a short clip of my dad mastering the steep uphill switchback. Showing the younging how it's done. "Keep it wide son."

I've ridden the trails in Avon a few times this fall and have remained upright, but my luck would end. Not on any of the technical stuff, but just a normal random section with a sweeping bend. Not only did I slide out once, but in basically the same spot I repeated myself. Although the second time I did have time to yell out jokingly "Hey, I made it this time." Before my front wheel slid out again. Still a killer time.

I never did make it out to the Gravel Grovel like planned. I still feel like my body wouldn't quite be up for it and I didn't want to encounter any set backs in my recovery. I know that's not even easy just riding so I stay cleared. Much bigger goals out there.

Breeze On

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving has to be my favorite holiday. I have so much to be thankful for. An amazing daughter who is everything to me, a fabulous wife, great family and great friends. After that everything is secondary and as they say icing on the cake. I love spending time with all the family, eating a ton of great food and my watching the Lions play every Thanksgiving (although lately not very well)

Today I got out for a nice easy spin in the morning to burn off a few calories before I began to pack them in. While I was out riding I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It so happened to be a deer. I slowed and thought of getting my phone to snap a photo, but figured it would scamper before I could. But he didn't seem to be in much of a hurry, and neither was I so I figured I'd try. I quickly snapped a pic from far away, but then wondered how much closer I could get. Well I got so close I think I could have brought some venison to the Thanksgiving feast.

The football game was good until the whole incident with Suh happened and it was all downhill from there. Another disappointing Thanksgiving day loss.

I ate a good lunch and wasn't stuffed at all. I felt great. Then about an hour before we left I started to have a lit bit of this and a little bit of that and here I sit now barely being able to see over my protruding gut.

My wife is currently getting ready to head out for a mad evening of shopping. She is completely nuts, but if she finds great deals for things we need to get I'll be very happy she did. I just don't have the will power or mind to find crowds and wait in long lines. Not my style.

Gravel Grovel in two days. Still haven't registered. Hmmmm....

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
Breeze On

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Road to Recovery

So I haven't updated in a while as I have been trying to resolve an injury I have been dealing with for the past season and at the same time trying to figure out what I will be doing in 2012.

As the season finally came to a close I decided I needed to finally go see a doctor about a pain that was in the back of my right leg that I had been dealing with since February. For the longest time I just thought it was a hamstring issue, and it would go away with some stretching and light riding. For the most part pain was minimal on the bike and as the season came closer and the chance of racing in California came up I just let it go as riding my bike wasn't an issue.

So I was selected to do California and before I knew it, it was race after race, and then the last few races were close so I just went ahead and finished out the season. Those who saw me would comment on how I looked like a 90 year old man when walking around. The most pain was felt after sitting up and trying to stand up, sleeping in bed, sneezing and basically anything but riding my bike where pain was minimal.

So after seeing a doctor, doing some basic stretching and strength testing, and an MRI it was proving that I had a herniated disc that was also pinching the nerve in my back that led down my right leg.

After some alternate solutions it was proven that I needed to have surgery to fix the problem as it was going on so long and permanint damage could be done to the nerve if not fix. So the doctor went in and took out the disc that was affected. Of course this leads to some proper recovery time.

Last week I began physical therapy and trying to do basic exercises with just one leg and I realized how much weaker my right leg had grown due to the injury. So now I am working on gaining my strength back in my right leg along with flexibility. I can almost touch my toes now where as before surgery I could hardly touch my knees, which makes putting socks on easy again.

I could also start riding again last week, but have to start slow. The first few days were 30minutes and last Saturday I did an easy ride with Jeff Rhodes which was nice, even though it rained. Leibo tried to get me out Sunday for a group ride in the hills and I was really tempted, but I'm pretty sure I would have just ruined my surgery and all that recovery. This weekend is the Gravel Grovel and after winning it the past two years I think I will have to back off and just enjoy the ride. I'm actually looking forward to the rest stops and cruising the course with my Dad. Still not sure if I'll do the long or short route yet. Still need to start slow for another week or two.

Breeze On