Monday, November 28, 2011

Got the chance to get back out on the mountain bike trails this last weekend with my dad who came down to visit. It was pretty awesome and we even took to some of the more technical trails which made it even more fun. I can' t wait to get back out there. Unfortinetly it might be a while with it being winter and I had to send my Breezer Thunder Elite back. But soon enough the snow will melt and hopefully I'll be on a new Breezer Cloud 9 as I prepare to try my hands at some Ultra Endurance MTB events.

Here is a short clip of my dad mastering the steep uphill switchback. Showing the younging how it's done. "Keep it wide son."

I've ridden the trails in Avon a few times this fall and have remained upright, but my luck would end. Not on any of the technical stuff, but just a normal random section with a sweeping bend. Not only did I slide out once, but in basically the same spot I repeated myself. Although the second time I did have time to yell out jokingly "Hey, I made it this time." Before my front wheel slid out again. Still a killer time.

I never did make it out to the Gravel Grovel like planned. I still feel like my body wouldn't quite be up for it and I didn't want to encounter any set backs in my recovery. I know that's not even easy just riding so I stay cleared. Much bigger goals out there.

Breeze On