Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Road to Recovery

So I haven't updated in a while as I have been trying to resolve an injury I have been dealing with for the past season and at the same time trying to figure out what I will be doing in 2012.

As the season finally came to a close I decided I needed to finally go see a doctor about a pain that was in the back of my right leg that I had been dealing with since February. For the longest time I just thought it was a hamstring issue, and it would go away with some stretching and light riding. For the most part pain was minimal on the bike and as the season came closer and the chance of racing in California came up I just let it go as riding my bike wasn't an issue.

So I was selected to do California and before I knew it, it was race after race, and then the last few races were close so I just went ahead and finished out the season. Those who saw me would comment on how I looked like a 90 year old man when walking around. The most pain was felt after sitting up and trying to stand up, sleeping in bed, sneezing and basically anything but riding my bike where pain was minimal.

So after seeing a doctor, doing some basic stretching and strength testing, and an MRI it was proving that I had a herniated disc that was also pinching the nerve in my back that led down my right leg.

After some alternate solutions it was proven that I needed to have surgery to fix the problem as it was going on so long and permanint damage could be done to the nerve if not fix. So the doctor went in and took out the disc that was affected. Of course this leads to some proper recovery time.

Last week I began physical therapy and trying to do basic exercises with just one leg and I realized how much weaker my right leg had grown due to the injury. So now I am working on gaining my strength back in my right leg along with flexibility. I can almost touch my toes now where as before surgery I could hardly touch my knees, which makes putting socks on easy again.

I could also start riding again last week, but have to start slow. The first few days were 30minutes and last Saturday I did an easy ride with Jeff Rhodes which was nice, even though it rained. Leibo tried to get me out Sunday for a group ride in the hills and I was really tempted, but I'm pretty sure I would have just ruined my surgery and all that recovery. This weekend is the Gravel Grovel and after winning it the past two years I think I will have to back off and just enjoy the ride. I'm actually looking forward to the rest stops and cruising the course with my Dad. Still not sure if I'll do the long or short route yet. Still need to start slow for another week or two.

Breeze On


John Singleton said...


I had two surgeries exactly like yours, for exactly the same reasons, with the exact same symptoms and such. The first when I was 30, the second when I was 34. About the age of 38 or so I discovered the benefits of YOGA to my lower back and hip health. Once operated on, this is a condition that can get quite better but with which you will live for the rest of your life. It can be dealt with through proper care and attention. Best of luck to you, and if you'd like to talk more about it, let me know.
John Singleton

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