Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Ghost Ride

Yesterday I had quite a bit to do. First I had to take Madelyn to daycare, drop Katie off at school, go to the North side of Indy to the doctors, squeeze a ride in before an afternoon of subbing, pick Madelyn back up, then pick up Katie and drop her back off at Library, feed Madelyn dinner and finally pick Katie back up. I had all my things packed up including riding gear, things to clean off with after and dress clothes for subbing. Everything went smoothly, including the doctor who said it was ok to start up a bit more riding but that would have to wait one more day.

I got back to the parking lot of the school, got the bike out of the car, and got dressed. I had just about everything on including my helmet when I wen to throw on my gloves. Blast no gloves and the temp was barley above freezing. No way could I got without them. They'd be ice cubes in less then 10min. So I cleaned up, changed clothes and got ready to teach. I thought I'd just hop on the rollers when Katie finally got home, but by the time we all arrived home it was 7:30 and no way it was happening. I was wiped out and fell asleep in my chair in less then 5mins from closing my eyes at 8:30. I woke back up at 2:30 in the morning and felt well rested. I went back to bed though as there isn't much to do at that time, unless your my dad who is just in the middle of his work day.

On a side note I just so happened to be subbing for my wife who had meetings in the afternoon. So I spent 3.5hrs in her shoes. Those are not easy shoes to fit in.

Breeze On

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