Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back in the day when I was living the full dream and spending many many days on the road I remember watching Jon Wirsing riding the trainer late at night and thinking how I could never do that.

It was in 2007, we had just finished up team camp in Virgina, I headed home for a few days, but was quickly back out in Virginia training in nicer weather getting ready for the one and only US Open and Tour of Virginia. I was staying with our director on Rite Aid Jon Wirsing and his family. He and his family were so amazing and took great care of me while I was out there. Of course I wasn't alone as some of my other teammates were staying there as well.

Anyways one thing I remember very well is Jon leaving for work around 6am, of course before I was up, and returning around 4 or 5pm. Then it was off to a kid activity, which was followed by dinner, then a bit of family time before the kids went to bed. I would have slept in, ridden between 2-5hrs, ate lunch, and napped before he returned. After Jon finished all previous activities he would hop on the trainer around 8:30pm at night while watching tv with his wife and us. I thought to myself, "Man I could never do that." Chances are that I was in bed before him as well.

Well last night I was getting off the rollers around 10pm and I thought, "Man, here I am." I also wouldn't change a thing about it. I get to live at home, race my bike at big races, and more importantly spend more time with my wife and my daughter who is the best thing in my life. Now I can relate to what Jon was doing, how and why.

Breeze On

Monday, January 23, 2012

I've never thought intervals could be so hard until Saturday. As it was snowing outdoors I was stuck riding indoors since I didn't have an adequate bike for the conditions. I wanted to get some intervals in and over the years I've been pretty good at avoiding that. I could have skipped them but wanted to just get er done.

So I hopped on my Trutrainer rollers and locked myself in the bedroom. The warm up went ok but interval time came and that wasn't the only thing. My wife had to get ready to go so her and Madelyn came strolling in. It wasn't to bad until halfway through my first threshold interval when my daughters new wonderful habit of repeating questions came up.

Madelyn: "Dad, dad, daddy, dad"
Me: "Yes"
Madelyn: "daddy, dad, dad, dad"
Me: "Yes Madelyn"
Madelyn Me:"Wheres Lucy?"
Me: "right there"
Madelyn: "where?"
Me: "there"
Madelyn: "where?"
Me: "there"
Madelyn: "What's Lucy doing?"
Me: "nothing"
Madelyn: "where"
Madelyn: "where? Dad, daddy dad dad..."

This along with getting into drawers and climbing on the fan as it was getting ready to topple. My head was about to explode and that's just because of the effort. I was hot and felt like I could hardly breathe this is why I don't do intervals indoors. Then the repeated questions I was be bombardered with and the fan getting ready to hit the floor just sent me over the top. I stopped halfway through the second took a lot of deep breathes as I was still well over 170bpm before I got back on and just continued in endurance pace for the rest of the workout

Now I know if I ever want to do that again I'll have to be alone in a dungeon.

Breeze On
Here is a link to the video of my dad riding behind me. I'd like to get a video of birdman drafting but I'm worried he might reveal to much if himself if you know what mean.

Breeze on.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No need to worry, I am still here. I've been keeping busy with subbing and finally starting to train like a real cyclist. It feels good to be riding harder and doing those things called 'intervals'. I remember that pain!

Speaking of pain my mom and dad came down this past weekend and I was able to get out for a ride with my dad. I tried to keep the pace down so it wouldn't be so hard on him and I thought I did a great job as he seemed to notice every house on the route. Then I went back and looked at the video off my new Christmas toy and noticed the looking around, but also noticed the tongue on the stem look towards the end. Then I briefly felt bad as I had no idea he was working that hard. Oh well.

Breeze On

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Just had the type of day you can't complain about. Had a half day subbing, which means I went in at 7:30 and was done by 11:30, and made some money. Then drove home ate some lunch, took a quick nap and headed out for a nice ride.

If ever winter day was like today there is no way you could complain. Temperatures were close to 40 degrees, a slight breeze at 10mph, and perfect clear sunshine. It made the metric century ride very enjoyable. It also looks like the nice weather is here to stay for at least another week. That gets us one week closer to spring.

After the ride I made a pretty delicious dinner and spent time with the family to cap it all off. Now I'm in my recliner with the legs propped up, typing away and sipping on some water.

So far my 2012 has been great and I hope yours has as well.

Breeze On