Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No need to worry, I am still here. I've been keeping busy with subbing and finally starting to train like a real cyclist. It feels good to be riding harder and doing those things called 'intervals'. I remember that pain!

Speaking of pain my mom and dad came down this past weekend and I was able to get out for a ride with my dad. I tried to keep the pace down so it wouldn't be so hard on him and I thought I did a great job as he seemed to notice every house on the route. Then I went back and looked at the video off my new Christmas toy and noticed the looking around, but also noticed the tongue on the stem look towards the end. Then I briefly felt bad as I had no idea he was working that hard. Oh well.

Breeze On


Jamie R said...

Why no video posted?

Breezer said...

I'm trying to upload one. It was taking forever with blogger and I posted on youtube, but can't open youtube on my computer. I can upload videos through windows movie maker. Im trying to find a way

Monica Shu said...

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