Wednesday, February 15, 2012

After 4-5 days stuck inside riding I finally got back outside today. At the same time I realize how lucky we have been this winter. If the past few days is the worse we have had it, we have had it pretty good. Temperatures were in the mid to upper 20's, but the wind made it brutal. Some rides I know braved the conditions while I wussed out and hunkered down indoors. Then yesterday we woke up to a fresh 2inches of snow, but it had mostly melted by evening. Like I said we've been lucky. The forecast for the next 10 days looks really decent and February is almost over!

Racing season must be approaching soon as the amount of trash talking texts I've received from Birdman as increased tremendously. He has sent a picture of his bike twice which now has a sharpy image of a snake along with the words "Snake Champ" and now since he won a masters race in Florida this past weekend there is a podium shot circulating. He also keeps asking how many races I've won. Of course the one's of one don't count. As if I didn't have enough motivation he is really helping me out.

So I'm expecting my new mountain bike any day now. Much of yesterday and today has been spent starring out the window waiting on the big brown truck. Maybe this afternoon will be the day. It never ever gets old getting a new bike. On top of that I will be getting my new road bike in the next week or two. Hot diggity.

Breeze On