Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I was writing some emails last night and wife asked what I was doing. I told her and she was said, "Oh, I was wondering what you could be possibly be blogging about," as she thought that was what I was doing.

That gave me an idea this morning, maybe I should write a blog. But it will be short as she was right and I really don't have much to blog about.

The weather here as been fantastic for the end of January and the beginning of February. Of course this morning we did get a touch of snow, and the forecast for this weekend is some bitter cold, but after all the great weather we have you won't find me complaining. The training has been going great for myself, as I imagine it has for many others as well. Sometimes the bad weather is better because it takes more motivation to train and everyone trains in nice weather. But in my old age I prefer the comfort of the nice weather and will just try to work a little harder.

Sunday was going to be a great day and I was going to get out with a group. I tried meeting a group that was coming from Marian at a normal meeting spot, but after waiting 20minutes I decided that was long enough and I'd move on.

It just so happens I was heading south towards where Birdman was driving to meet Greg at his house with Liebo. Sweet, I'll call them and ride with them. So I called and hooked it up where to meet them. So after about 20 more minutes of waiting around they crested the hill, and we rolled together. After about 15minutes of cruising together I thought they would head in my direction back north as I was 50 miles out, but they decided they wanted to ride south. So after 40 minutes of waiting to ride with a group I ended up doing 15 minutes with a guy on cross bike, a guy on a TT bike, and Birdman. So in actuality I wasted 55 minutes of my day. Nevertheless I had a great ride that day and a ton of fun riding my bike in the bright warm sunshine.

Breeze On