Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time for a preseason break. The training hasnt been to hard and I'm not burned out as I'm actually just coming off a nice recovery week.

It all started Sunday when I decided to do an early morning ride, even though it was going to be a 50 degree February afternoon, and ride before a birthday party I was going to with the family. So I took out my new flashy Trek that I got from the team the night before and cruised for 3.5hrs. I rolled up to the party, cleaned up and enjoyed some pizza.

The sun was shinning bright and the kids were playing in the yard. It had turned into a beautiful afternoon. After the party my wife had to go into school to get ready for the week. Her school is a mile from the local mountain bike trails. Well I thought what a great opportunity to get out and roll on the mountain bike a bit since it's so nice.

I was out cruising on my Breezer 29er really getting a good feel for it. I was just floating through the trails feeling really good and smooth. The sun was setting so I checked my clock and I had my hour, but decided I'd take one more run at a section of trail, maybe 5mins of riding. About 2 minutes later I was flying over my handlebars, smashing on the ground and sliding down a hill. I jumped up and felt the pain in my shoulder instantly. I picked up my bike and started to walk towards the car knowing my shoulder was broken. There was no question. I was able to hop on a paved part and roll to the car with my arm dangling. My wife met me at the park and drove me to the hospital where it was confirmed that I broke my scapula and collar bone. Doctor says 6-8weeks and I say 4-6weeks or whenever I feel better. As of today Wednesday I still can't move my arm very much, so it will be a while.

So what does this all mean. It's only February so it won't matter much, well that is what I keep telling myself to keep some bit of sanity. I won't be going to Texas to ride and race with the boys next week. I will miss the Tampa Twilight Crit at the end of March. I'll be riding by then, but won't risk anything. My first race will either the weekend of April 14th/15th or at Sunny King on the weekend of April 21st/22nd.

After having the best winter we have every had and getting the best winter training I have done I am now forced to take a break. Luckily it's a long year so there should be plenty of opportunities down the road.

How bout this for irony. I received two new bikes over the past week and half and currently can't ride either of them. I can just stare at them for now. On top of that it's still in the 50's and tomorrow is suppose to be in the 60's. I'll be the guy on the balcony rocking in a my chair stare off into the distance.

Breeze On

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