Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 32...

Everything is going fairly well. My racing season will be kicking off this weekend in Tampa, FL. I think my first race since racing as a 'pro' will be a Masters race. That's right, Masters. Now that I'm old, I again will be able to race in multiple races. I haven't done that since being a Junior. It really doesn't seem like it has been that long. I will then do the Pro, 1 race later in the evening. I need to get into some race shape for the bigger races approaching.

Coming home from a late evening ride in the new kit.

As for the shoulder, I saw the doctor 10 days ago and he was really surprised at the mobility I had in the shoulder. He couldn't believe how healed up I was after breaking my scapula and clavicle. Even I am a bit surprised as after a week I could still barely take on or off a shirt. He will be in Florida as the same time as I so he said if anything happens give him a call. Hopefully that call won't take place. Also while doing some sprints the other day I completely forgot that it had only been 4 weeks since I broke my shoulder. There is still some slight bruising on my shoulder, but it's fading fast.

So the family trip to Florida for spring break starts tomorrow morning. It's a 17hr drive according to Google, but they still don't have the family travel time, so it will be at least 24.

With the racing season starting in less then 48hrs and more going on I promise to keep the blog updated with the fun and adventures.

Here is a picture of my try at my covered bridge tour. To many dirt roads for the tires I was using. I made it to this one, but was out of tubes to attempt the others.

Breeze On

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day's 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Tuesday: Hopped on trainer after work and before dinner. Did a quick 30minutes. Spent some time riding no handed and one handed. Just felt good to spin and sweat.

Wednesday: Said screw the trainer as it was 70 and sunny and rolled outside. Maybe not the smartest idea. Thought I would do an hour. After 15minutes decided to start heading back and call it a day. At least my skin saw some sun

Thursday: Shot for an hour again. This time better and actually not to bad.

Friday: Rode after subbing again. Felt great for the first 2 miles. So much better. Then the next 18 felt like Thursday. So-So

Saturday: Didn't know if I was going to try riding again. It felt ok the last few days, but with the ever so often shot of pain didn't know if I wanted to do it again. Plans changed with the family to meet some friends in Martinsville so decided to ride halfway there and have the wife pick me up. I called her after 45minutes and told her I would just go ahead and ride the whole way there. Felt that good.

Sunday: Much like yesterday just felt closer to normal. Of course still can't really stand up on the bike and go hard. Cruising in the saddle isn't much of an issue. Did a solid 20 minute effort and was really happy with how it went. Looking forward to maybe getting back on schedule starting next week.

My next race was suppose to be a criterium in Tampa on March 31st that is part of the new NCC. I'm leaning towards the direction that I will be doing it. We are taking our annual family vacation down there with my dad and staying with my Aunt Denise and Uncle Roger. We've had a blast with them the last two years and we are looking forward to it again. It would be 5 weeks after the accident. I will only do it if I feel completely comfortable. There is a road race the following weekend in Florida that is dirt road race that I for sure feel like I will be up for.

Some other good news is that our team got the invite to The Tour of The Battenkill. So that means two days of some tough racing. I'm going to want to get some miles in before that. The following weekend will be Sunny King Criterium and road race and a few days later with be Joe Martin. The racing season will be in full swing in a few weeks.

My new ride in the classroom.

Time to get healthy and fit.

Breeze On

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Day 9 and I'm back to work. Not only did I sub, but I also rode the trainer. Although both were only half days, but it's a start.

The teaching in the early afternoon was no issue as the students had plenty of work to work on while I was there. I did inform them however that they were my best class of the day. They informed me I was the least injured sub they had all day. I had a good chuckle at that one. It felt great at least to be out of the house and in society.

The weather has turned to be really nice again and the temperature was close to 70! As tempted as I am to ride outside I know I can hardly ride the trainer and hadn't up to this point. So I mounted up my Trek and had at it. Once on the bike I was pretty comfortable. I couldn't really move much, but I was pedaling and sweating and it felt great!

Riding the trainer while watching Paris Nice.

Only 30 minutes and 380ish KJ's, but it felt good to be a bike rider again.

Breeze On

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Day 8 and still no riding, but not from the lack of trying. My awesome sponsor and friend Jeff Rhodes of Trutrainer hand delivered and mounted a fork mount onto my TruTrainer rollers. Now that's service. I got dressed up and ready to go, but after 2 minutes of riding I decided I better give it a day or two. It's not bad and didn't hurt, but I may just need a day or two. No reason to hurry into something it's a very long year.

It was awesome to catch Paris Nice on TV last night. Although all it made me want to do is ride and especially race my bike. Even though it looked brutal and miserable I can't wait to get out there. I miss that feeling of being completely smashed, for now! So easy to say from the comfort of my living room.

Subbing a half day tomorrow with one arm. Katie said what if I had to wrestle a kid. I said, "A-I've never had to do that over 6 years and B-I'm pretty sure I can't grab the kids."

Breeze On

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Day 6 and 7 turned out to be much like Days 3, 4 and 5. Not much to write home about. Still no bike riding, but I am feeling a bit better now. I maybe seeing signs of healing going on which is bringing a bit more of a positive attitude. I sat on my bike against the wall and was able to reach the handlebars while sitting on the seat on Saturday, which I wasn't capable of doing two days ago. Dare I say I might be able to ride the trainer tomorrow. I will try. There really isn't any pain, just a feeling of restriction.

Saturday afternoon I sat intently by my computer to register for the Lumberjack 100 as I knew it would sell out quickly. I was in after 3 minutes and luckily I registered when I did as it sold out in 12minutes! So I am officially signed up for my first endurance mountain bike race. Last years winners were just under 7 hours. So it's going to be a lot of time on the mountain bike. Some wonder how I can think about mountain biking after my little ding, but I say if I stopped riding after every little crash I would have stopped years ago. It's just barely more then a flesh wound. HA!

Breeze On

Friday, March 02, 2012

Day 5 and again no riding. This recovery is just taking to long. I guess it's probably pretty normal however. It's just starting to wear on me now. I've been able to keep a pretty positive attitude, but that does get harder with each passing day.

Today there were some really horrible storms mostly south of where I live. I spent much of the day watching the weather. I also hooked my GoPro up to the balcony and put on the times lapse photography for the approaching storms. I had it take a picture every 10sec. It turned out pretty cool. Here it is.

Sadly though some of these storms were way more serious. Thoughts and prayers go to those who lost possessions and more sadly lives. The scenes are very heartbreaking. It really shows how helpless we all can be against mother nature. But I also like to see how helpful we all can be in times of need.

Well I'm glad it's the weekend as I was getting rather bored just hanging out by myself. Hopefully a weekend of some solid recovery and I'll be feeling much better. One good thing is that Paris Nice will be televised for the week and that will be fun to watch. But I guess also depressing especially if I'm not riding. Good to know that I will be able to recover though.

Breeze On

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Day 4 into recovery and still no riding. I did put the bike on the trainer today and thought about it. When I broke my collar bone in Joe Martin in 2009 I was on the trainer in 4 days and riding outside after 9 days according my training log. This one is going to take a bit longer. I remember being comfortable on the bike during that time. I can't sit on the bike and reach the handlebars yet. It could take a bit longer this time. Also this sweet bruise is starting to appear.

I have another good size bruise on my groin area. Not quite sure how I didn't feel that or bang you know what as how close it was.

So I got my father registered for Iceman after hitting refresh on the USA Cycling website for 2.5hrs. It's happened the last few years with the race crashing a registration site. The race will fill up in a day. That's over 3,000 riders that want nothing more then to race a 27mile mountain bike race, on two track, in northern Michigan, in November, which makes it the biggest bike race in Michigan. I really believe it's not the race, but the atmosphere that everyone keeps coming back for.

Here is a beautiful sunset on another awesome day on our way to gymnastics after having Chipotle. A good way to end a rather uneventful day.

Breeze On