Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 32...

Everything is going fairly well. My racing season will be kicking off this weekend in Tampa, FL. I think my first race since racing as a 'pro' will be a Masters race. That's right, Masters. Now that I'm old, I again will be able to race in multiple races. I haven't done that since being a Junior. It really doesn't seem like it has been that long. I will then do the Pro, 1 race later in the evening. I need to get into some race shape for the bigger races approaching.

Coming home from a late evening ride in the new kit.

As for the shoulder, I saw the doctor 10 days ago and he was really surprised at the mobility I had in the shoulder. He couldn't believe how healed up I was after breaking my scapula and clavicle. Even I am a bit surprised as after a week I could still barely take on or off a shirt. He will be in Florida as the same time as I so he said if anything happens give him a call. Hopefully that call won't take place. Also while doing some sprints the other day I completely forgot that it had only been 4 weeks since I broke my shoulder. There is still some slight bruising on my shoulder, but it's fading fast.

So the family trip to Florida for spring break starts tomorrow morning. It's a 17hr drive according to Google, but they still don't have the family travel time, so it will be at least 24.

With the racing season starting in less then 48hrs and more going on I promise to keep the blog updated with the fun and adventures.

Here is a picture of my try at my covered bridge tour. To many dirt roads for the tires I was using. I made it to this one, but was out of tubes to attempt the others.

Breeze On


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