Friday, March 02, 2012

Day 5 and again no riding. This recovery is just taking to long. I guess it's probably pretty normal however. It's just starting to wear on me now. I've been able to keep a pretty positive attitude, but that does get harder with each passing day.

Today there were some really horrible storms mostly south of where I live. I spent much of the day watching the weather. I also hooked my GoPro up to the balcony and put on the times lapse photography for the approaching storms. I had it take a picture every 10sec. It turned out pretty cool. Here it is.

Sadly though some of these storms were way more serious. Thoughts and prayers go to those who lost possessions and more sadly lives. The scenes are very heartbreaking. It really shows how helpless we all can be against mother nature. But I also like to see how helpful we all can be in times of need.

Well I'm glad it's the weekend as I was getting rather bored just hanging out by myself. Hopefully a weekend of some solid recovery and I'll be feeling much better. One good thing is that Paris Nice will be televised for the week and that will be fun to watch. But I guess also depressing especially if I'm not riding. Good to know that I will be able to recover though.

Breeze On