Sunday, March 04, 2012

Day 6 and 7 turned out to be much like Days 3, 4 and 5. Not much to write home about. Still no bike riding, but I am feeling a bit better now. I maybe seeing signs of healing going on which is bringing a bit more of a positive attitude. I sat on my bike against the wall and was able to reach the handlebars while sitting on the seat on Saturday, which I wasn't capable of doing two days ago. Dare I say I might be able to ride the trainer tomorrow. I will try. There really isn't any pain, just a feeling of restriction.

Saturday afternoon I sat intently by my computer to register for the Lumberjack 100 as I knew it would sell out quickly. I was in after 3 minutes and luckily I registered when I did as it sold out in 12minutes! So I am officially signed up for my first endurance mountain bike race. Last years winners were just under 7 hours. So it's going to be a lot of time on the mountain bike. Some wonder how I can think about mountain biking after my little ding, but I say if I stopped riding after every little crash I would have stopped years ago. It's just barely more then a flesh wound. HA!

Breeze On

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jbhancock said...

Hey heal quickly. The spring edition Oreos came out just the other day so maybe that will help with spring training?