Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day's 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Tuesday: Hopped on trainer after work and before dinner. Did a quick 30minutes. Spent some time riding no handed and one handed. Just felt good to spin and sweat.

Wednesday: Said screw the trainer as it was 70 and sunny and rolled outside. Maybe not the smartest idea. Thought I would do an hour. After 15minutes decided to start heading back and call it a day. At least my skin saw some sun

Thursday: Shot for an hour again. This time better and actually not to bad.

Friday: Rode after subbing again. Felt great for the first 2 miles. So much better. Then the next 18 felt like Thursday. So-So

Saturday: Didn't know if I was going to try riding again. It felt ok the last few days, but with the ever so often shot of pain didn't know if I wanted to do it again. Plans changed with the family to meet some friends in Martinsville so decided to ride halfway there and have the wife pick me up. I called her after 45minutes and told her I would just go ahead and ride the whole way there. Felt that good.

Sunday: Much like yesterday just felt closer to normal. Of course still can't really stand up on the bike and go hard. Cruising in the saddle isn't much of an issue. Did a solid 20 minute effort and was really happy with how it went. Looking forward to maybe getting back on schedule starting next week.

My next race was suppose to be a criterium in Tampa on March 31st that is part of the new NCC. I'm leaning towards the direction that I will be doing it. We are taking our annual family vacation down there with my dad and staying with my Aunt Denise and Uncle Roger. We've had a blast with them the last two years and we are looking forward to it again. It would be 5 weeks after the accident. I will only do it if I feel completely comfortable. There is a road race the following weekend in Florida that is dirt road race that I for sure feel like I will be up for.

Some other good news is that our team got the invite to The Tour of The Battenkill. So that means two days of some tough racing. I'm going to want to get some miles in before that. The following weekend will be Sunny King Criterium and road race and a few days later with be Joe Martin. The racing season will be in full swing in a few weeks.

My new ride in the classroom.

Time to get healthy and fit.

Breeze On


John Singleton said...

How do you like your Trek Madone, Breezer? Compared and contrasted to your other bikes? Curious, as my buddies at the BikeLine have many of these, including one in MY SIZE! So, I guess I might be in the market and wondering what a discerning rider such as yourself might think...

John Singleton

Breezer said...

Hey John,

Yeah the Trek is really nice. I really like the bottom bracket setup way more then the BB30 or older styles. Is the Trek Madone you looking at a Six? The biggest noticeable difference between one carbon bike to the next is whether or not it is made with high mod carbon or lower. We had race bikes with High Mod and training bikes with med mod and there was a noticeable difference. As far as components go whether it's Ultegra over Dura Ace or Force over Red I really don't think it matters. My Trek came with the lowest model Bontrager wheels and I will be upgrading those as wheels are a huge factor in bikes. These wheels weigh over 2000grams a set which is over a pound heavier then a good standard all around clincher wheel.

Of course this comes from the few rides I have done on it. It looks cool and fast, and isn't that all that matters!

Hope that helps a bit

jbhancock said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better but it's officially time for another update...

This weather is crazy good.